Money System – Not What You Think

The literal old French translation of the word mortgage is ‘death pledge’. In Britain the mortgage market is worth more than £1.3 trillion, but how many of these mortgages are fatally flawed through the complicity of legal professionals?

The Most Incendiary UK TV Interview of the Century – 26 March 2019

Why Cash Must Be Kept.. – 4 March 2021

Cash is a powerful tool which gives us great freedom to go about our business unhindered and free from technical glitches and breakdowns. Here are many more reasons why Cash should be kept..

  • Cash always works during a power cut.
  • Losing physical cash would harm the poorest and most vulnerable in society.
  • Those without bank accounts will struggle to keep up with evolving cashless technology.
  • Without the ability to pull our cash out of the banks, they could club together and enforce negative rates with no way to escape the charges.
  • Cash ensures digital privacy.
  • Cash is waterproof.
  • Some may find it harder to control spending, not being able to see physical cash leaving their hands.
  • Cash can be quickly handed over to a family or friend.
  • Your cash can’t run out of batteries.
  • Many banks, businesses and other institutions charge an overhead fee for digital transactions, without cash there will be no escape.
  • If hackers drain your bank account, or you experience technical difficulties then you will have no alternative and be truly up the creek!

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