Micheal Martin TD

Tired of Zappone, Varadkar and Martin – 5 Aug 2021

Taoiseach not told in advance of decision to appoint Katherine Zappone to taxpayer-funded UN role – OMG! it seems Micheal is so irrelevant in the corridors of power nobody remembers to tell him even when creating an actual new international government position for an old buddy. – If he had any sense at all he would actually hide that fact from the public! – 27 July 2021

‘I apologise for the profound generational wrong’: Taoiseach gives landmark apology to survivors of mother and baby homes – About 9,000 children died in the 18 homes under investigation. – rather ironic since he is about to inject the entire child population of Ireland in the largest medical trail in world history. –  13 Jan 2021

Old clip of Leo Varadkar & Michael Martin raising objections to children being used in jab trials


Fianna Fáil TD calls for Micheál Martin to resign over fake polling controversy – 9 June 2021

IRELAND – Micheál Martin cant get in the car quick enough.. In Cork – 9 June 2021

I guess Micheal is just too busy – question is “doing what?” He has Ministers for everything and they have umpteen special advisors for everything – what is he doing himself?

Micheal Martin is not the only politician who is going to experience the “brush off” over the coming months.

Micheál Martin – 16th April Vax of Kids 2022/23

Micheal Martin’s Health Measures – 31 March 2021

Brian Feeney: Once the pandemic wanes, expect a heave against Micheál Martin – 3 March 2021

Former FF National Executive member, Senator Sharon Keogan, joins criticism of Taoiseach Micheál Martin – 2 March 2021

‘Ignore us at your peril’ – Fianna Fáil cumann calls for Micheál Martin to be replaced as party leader – 1 March 2021

RTE’s Survey, Micheal Martin’s interview and Varadkar smiles as he talks about further restrictions – 23 Feb 2021

Micheal Martin’s St. Patrick’s Day trip, as social media outrage is making Irish politics angrier – 30 Jan 2021

Micheál Martin determined to lead Fianna Fáil into the next election – 18 Jan 2021

‘I apologise for the profound generational wrong’: Taoiseach gives landmark apology to survivors of mother and baby homes –  13 Jan 2021

Taoiseach Micheál Martin dismisses concerns over Roderic O’Gorman’s links with Peter Tatchell – 6 July 2020

Micheál Martin thinks Irish sovereignty is a backwards idea. – 24 March 2019

Micheal Martin’s brother defends decision to offer sympathy to family of paedophile – 16 Nov 2021

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin’s brother defends claiming nearly €1,000 in expenses footed by the taxpayer to attend GAA matches – 14 Jan 2019

Micheal Martin’s brother proposed message of sympathy on death of child molester ex-mayor – 15 Nov 2016

Granddaughter relieved at death of abuser, ex-lord mayor of Cork – 16 Nov 2016

Sex assault victim angry over ex-mayor’s jail release – 19 Aug 2014

Former lord mayor of Cork jailed for a year for sex offences – 2 Dec 2013

13 May 2018 Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin worth almost €3m.

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