Life is just a game and we have no option except to play it.

Most games have winners and losers.  To win any game you have to know the rules, the objective of the game and how to play it.  Most importantly you must want to win! To keep it simple – the obvious objective for each of us in this game of life is To Be Happy!  There are 4 areas in our lives we need to keep our eyes on to achieve this objective and win the game.
  • Mentally
  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

If we are not currently happy in one or more of these 4 areas – then we are losing the game.

To Be Happy – lets break it down a bit more. 

Basically, I think most of us would want to be, to think and to feel that we are

  • safe and healthy
  • free
  • financially secure (enough to eat etc.)
  • loved and loving
Personal Note

I started this site a few years ago and had kept it private until now.  It was originally meant for my grand-children if they wanted to know what I was into or how I thought.  But now I need a space to download my thoughts and it should not be my business site because (please God) what we are going through now will, at some stage, not be very relevant to my business.  So this Home page has been rewritten today 26 March 2020.

I’m not a guru, expert on anything or a teacher.    I’m just sharing what I have learned from others and found to be true along the way.

Some posts are copied in full (stuff I consider key) and some in part, or contain videos from people I consider great teachers.

STEP 1 – What do I want?