Leo Varadkar – Too Many Unanswered Questions?

Leo Varadkar just seems to roll from one political disaster to another – no accountability, always innocent (in his own view), and fully expects to be the next Taoiseach…..

Varadkar’s tax plans to win back votes risk new Fianna Fáil row – Anyone thinking that merely opposing tax hikes is going to win votes is an idiot.  The unfair taxation in Ireland has to stop and be rolled back completely. – 13 Sept 2021

LEO ATTENDS UK CONCERT while the activities are curtailed in Ireland – where he makes the rules.

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Attorney General says parties of up to 200 allowed outdoors as Leo Varadkar says he is ‘confident’ he didn’t break Covid rules at Zappone party – 4 Aug 2021

Old clip of Leo Varadkar & Michael Martin raising objections to children being used in jab trials

Sitting in the audience a young Leo Varadkar asks Micheal Martin “how would the panel address allegations that the pharmaceutical industry tested vaccines on children without consent?”
Martin (who was the Minister for Health and Children from 2000 -2004) responds “these children should not have been used for vaccination trials at all and I think it’s unacceptable that they were.”
During his time as Minister for Health and Children, Martin addressed the Houses of the Oireachtas regarding children from mother and baby homes being experimented upon in big pharma trials. He noted that informed consent was not obtained from parents and that it raised many questions “that go to the heart of our attitudes to children and their rights”.
He ascertained that in considering vaccine trials that “the issue of consent is involved immediately” and acknowledged the shameful fact that Ireland’s history of drug trials “includes some ghastly case studies where the rights of the individual were ignored.” He further stated “the key issue of consent cannot be fudged, because it is fundamental” and crucially that “the state must fight fiercely” for children’s rights as “their bodily integrity is a basic human right which cannot be watered down or infringed”.
Fast forward 20 years and we have both these men in power, in a race to inject children with unapproved still in clinical trial vaccines. Vaccines with no long term safety studies, that have conditional marketing authorisation only . Full approval is some time away yet. These vaccines are being authorised and administered on the basis that we are currently in a health emergency. covid 19 is not a virus that has any real impact on children, the survival rate is 99.997 %. Nor are they vectors of the virus as stated so many times by our leaders and health officials.
Thousands of covid vaccine related deaths and an unacceptable amount of adverse reactions have been reported to adverse event reporting systems across the world. It is estimated that only 1 to 10 % of adverse events are reported, as such the true numbers may be much higher. In countries where these vaccines are being given to children, young healthy kids have lost their lives. Since when do we as a society use children as guinea pigs to “protect” adults?
Recent official vaccine updates regarding adverse effects include myocarditis and pericarditis as delayed onset side effects which are in particular impacting younger people. Official sites acknowledge more safety data is needed and trials are ongoing. The trials are indeed on going-on you and your children, and these are the men who have sanctioned that, who are using coercive tactics and are not giving you enough honest information to give informed consent.
Here is one more crucial thing Micheal Martin stated in his address to the oireachtas; that it was important to “be careful of the reputations of the highly regarded professionals involved.” When you hear the words trust the science, instead know that there is good science and bad, and that highly regarded professionals-like doctors and politicians are not always incorruptible and not always held accountable.
Doctors are financially incentivised to administer covid vaccines and last year Irish doctors were paid a total of 2 million euro in payments from pharma companies to prescribe particular products. The doctors who inject you and your children are also the people we rely upon to report adverse reactions, and this is a conflict of interest.
Additionally, Big pharma’s demands require they be protected against lawsuits for covid 19 vaccines. They have been convicted and fined billions for acts such as falsifying drug trials. These are the same entities providing government agencies with the trial data for these experimental vaccines.
So stop and think. you and you alone are responsible for protecting your children. Do your research. Listen to silenced and suppressed, highly qualified scientists with integrity who have no vested interests in misleading you, and are paying a price for trying to warn you. The media will not tell you who they are, neither will Google. Ask yourself why?
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Leaks of confidential docs to friends is in the interest of the public?

Garda inquiry into Varadkar GP contract leak upgraded to formal investigation – it only took them a year! – 14 March 2021


New questions arise for Leo Varadkar about leaked contract – 24 Jan 2021

“Medical Professional and the source of that now infamous Confidential Leak story, Chay Boews talked about the story that has badly damaged Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar.  We discuss the genesis of the story, the links to the dysfunctional NAGP, how Chay became aware of the issues and the political culture of insiders and cosy deals. We also explore his motivations and ask if his endeavours will bring about any positive change.” – 25 Nov 2020

Government Appoints NAGP To Investigate NAGP – 13 Nov 2020

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar wins vote of confidence – as Taoiseach Micheál Martin faces attack 11 Nov 2020

Government are confident that their 84 confidence votes will mean that Leo survives the no confidence vote – translated into English “do what you like when in government, then apologise and all will be fine”

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State’s political standards watchdog asked to investigate Tánaiste Leo Varadkar’s leak of confidential GP contract 3 Nov 2020

Deputy Catherine Connolly to Leo varadkar– speech from 03 Nov 2020

Deputy Pearse Doherty – speech – 03 Nov 2020

The matter was discussed in Dail Eireann on 3 Nov 2020.  The same day, The Village Magazine released a statement saying it had consulted legal counsel and were satisfied the Tanaiste, Leo Varadkar had broken the law.

Click photo to play video

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‘arrest cover up’ – Garda whistleblower claims senior cops tried to prevent prosecution of Dept of Taoiseach (Leo Varadkhar) official over drunken incident in which she soiled a taxi – Sensational claim is reportedly made in protected disclosure which states the female civil servant called gardai ‘s**t on her shoe’ before she was arrested – 17 Dec 2017

Evofem Biosciences boss Thomas Lynch raised funds for Leo Varadkar

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