Keep doing the work!

5 days ago I wrote I was beginning the Joe Dispenza work again – and I did.  I found it much more difficult to control my thoughts, steady my mind than I did when I was new to this.

First time round (Nov 2018)  I achieved great results very quickly and WANTED to sit to do the meditations – it was amazing.  A few weeks into it I became conscious that the smart thing to so was really concentrate on making each meditation a good one.  What was the point in doing 100 half hearted meditations to achieve the same results as 50 great ones in a faster time?  So I really got into it.  I wanted to be a Master!!!

I guess that was what you would call the honeymoon period.  Second time around it is more difficult to control my thoughts and steady myself into the meditation.   It’s taken me 5 days.

My motivation this morning was the fact that I found something on the outside of my left eye last night, my energy level was really low,  I had heart palpitations and hot flushes.  I began to think “I really need to get to grips with this work – otherwise I’m not far from kicking the bucket!”  In short I was really stressed out and got little sleep.

This morning I did half a meditation before I was interrupted – but “half a loaf is still better than no loaf at all to a starving man!”  The morning went a bit smoother for me.  Guests were arriving today and I needed to be in better health and humour.  I had a shower and then set my intention to get enough time to do the full meditation without interruption.  I did!  With only two minutes to spare!  And it was a good one.

That was 3 hours ago .  Now all is flowing nicely.  I’m off to get another meditation under my belt!

Moral of this post?  A reminder for me not to lapse again.   For the last few weeks I have been pushing myself to get emails answered, arrange tours and get on top of the paperwork.  Promising myself the time for meditation after.  Obviously that didn’t work as I was just too tired at the end of every day and there was never enough time.

Now I KNOW the only way to get on top of life and my everyday chores is to MAKE the time for the meditation FIRST and then everything else that needs to be done WILL get done.

If you are going to start the Dr. Joe work – take my advice.   Give it 100% and do the meditation even if it is only one, every morning before getting out of bed even.  I wish I hadn’t wasted all that time and energy by stopping.  Lesson learned!


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