Jennifer Carroll MacNeill T.D, the HSE and CPL

There are two issues here – nurses, care workers and contact tracers being encouraged by HSE to return to Ireland to work but then finding the contracts were zero hours, not with HSE but with a private recruitment company with political affiliations (Jennifer Carroll MacNeill T.D.), having a client base of government contracts worth millions, which must have helped it get a collosal buy out from a Japanese company.  One must admit that it does not look good.

Offaly man in €318m business deal – 4 Nov 2020

Recruitment firm CPL offered contact tracers zero hour contracts paid €3.2million by the HSE from March until August – 21 Oct 2020

HSE says zero-hour contracts issued to new Covid-19 contact tracers in error – 14 Oct 2020 (but, but see Irish Times 2 May)

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