Is money real anymore?

I actually don’t believe money has a value any more – oh yes I know you need €2 or whatever to buy bread.   But the MILLIONS and BILLIONS – the figures that are floating around like wedding confetti (you still know what that is?) since the beginning of the coronavirus dance have just gone completely NUTS!

Is anyone keeping count? I don’t believe so because I used to do book keeping and in any type of business it is always a problem making sure you have every piece of paper to match every item. 

I don’t believe anyone is keeping track because I think the bankers and the account depts are just changing figures on bank balance sheets.  BECAUSE they think the old system of cash is gone and once we are using cards – well, who is going to know anything anymore?

I think the gvts – all the gvts have just given up and are picking figures out of thin air – bit like covid.

Have you tried to read a bank statement lately? Or even your waste bin collection account or your gas/electric bill? It is no longer a clear cut three column In Out Balance scenario. Go on – check it out. About 6 months ago I sat with my electric and gas bills – I needed a separate piece of paper and do the old fashioned adding and subtracting line by line to analyse the bill – because my electric bill seems to be gone through the roof – regardless of the fact we use very little.  They did change the meter though and the problem seems to have begun there.

Lets look at the Northern Ireland or UK finances.  Here is just ONE instance where they APPEAR to not even know where money is supposedly going or for what – or if it is even suppose to go anywhere in the first place. 


More than £4.5m was paid out by Stormont to businesses who may not have been entitled to a Covid-19 support grant.

Figures released by the Department for the Economy (DfE) show that of the 24,700 payments processed under the Small Businesses Grant Support Scheme, 452 payments were made to those who may “not be eligible” for funding. – 28 Oct 2020


Fifty-two Northern Ireland wind turbine owners have received emergency coronavirus funding from Stormont. 

A £10,000 payment was sent automatically to any business in receipt of small business rates relief.

One thing is for sure – there are no missing or mistaken millions going into your account or mine!