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There appears to be an extraordinary event taking place around Justice Seamus Woulfe and his attendance at the #golfgate dinner.

Judges may resign if Woulfe survives on Supreme Court as Golfgate fallout escalates – 14 Nov 2020

The Irish Government earlier this week received legal advice after the Chief Justice said the judge should resign over his attendance at the controversial golf-gate dinner in Galway

Ireland’s Taoiseach Micheal Martin to brief party leaders on judge Seamus Woulfe controversy – 13 Nov 2020

Irish Parliament’s Cabinet Handbook stipulates that appointments to the judiciary, the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and other party leaders, as well as the Minister for Finance and the Attorney General, should be informed in advance of the proposals to make such appointments.

Taoiseach was not told of judges’ interest in Supreme Court role.  ‘The less political involvement the better’ in judicial appointments – Michael Martin – 13 Nov 2020

Government Appoints NAGP To Investigate NAGP

Nomination of ex-FF Senator and NAGP lobbyist to SIPO labelled ‘outrageous’ by opposition – 12 Nov 2020

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