Ireland’s Web of Politics, Pharma & Big Business

A work in progress – This is a really tight woven web of individuals and organisations.  It is updated daily with new additions and during the update can look a bit messy.  But if you visit this page and don’t see the map at all – it is because we are updating it so please do try again in a couple of hours.

Use + and – to zoom in and out.  It is difficult to follow the connections on a phone – apologies.  On a laptop or desktop computer it is easier. To navigate on laptop – hold down left click and use touch pad to move around the map.  If you hold the curser over any node (dot, person) for a second everything not connected to that dot fades and you can see all the people etc connected to that particular node.

If interested in a particular person company or gvt office – do a search on the site search box, you may find more details.  Everything on this website has already been published elsewhere.  We make connections between people and organisations or events on the map because they strike us as … interesting.

It may take a minute or two for this map to open and you may need to click on it after a few secs…. but it is well worth the wait.

this site will help you catch up if you're just waking up to some things now.