IRELAND’S SWAMP – But who can drain it?

This page is under construction and far from finished.  Some of what I post here are from “left” and some are from “right” as we may have traditionally known it.  I am neither left nor right when it comes to politics – it’s just that I have woken up.  In waking up I don’t have to agree with everything left or everything right – I can choose my topics on which to agree with any political person, writer or organisation.  My allegiance is to what is good, normal, right, decent for the human race, not exclusively for the rich 1% to the detriment and slavery of the 99%.

While you read this page I would like you to keep one question in mind:  “How does this affect me?”

For the last 60 years Ireland has gone from corruption scandal to corruption scandal.  Tribunals and investigations take so many YEARS that we lose interest – is that the intention?  We lose track of who did what.  We have become immune and accept that nobody ever pays.  What the older generation forgets and the younger generations  probably never realized is

  • We (the 99% majority of ordinary people) pay for everything in this world – EVERYTHING.  We generate the money. Money always goes up the pyramid – rarely down in any meaningful, concrete or practical way.
  • The big money circulates around the top third of the pyramid
  • When it comes to scandals, tribunals, investigations and compensations, we pay for the court costs.  We pay for the compensation if there is any, in most cases – because in most cases – nothing happens, the accused doesn’t pay.
  • The victims, when there are victims taking a case, rarely see an actual cent much less a euro.
  • In Ireland, with every passing year the number of regulations imposed, the costs imposed make it less and less possible for anyone from the bottom of the pyramid to start a business and progress beyond a certain level of success, if they even manage to stay in business.
  • Our Irish and global society is a mafia of politicians, civil servants, professionals, court systems, judges, lawyers, barristers, gardai, corporations, banker, big business, corporations, media whose only aim is to keep coming up with new ways to have us generate money for them, while only allowing us to receive a livable allowance.
  • They live the high life and they con us via numerous gurus to believe that if we just work a little harder or a little smarter we too can climb the ladder.  The reality is that few do it honestly.
  • They live the high life AT OUR EXPENSE.  I say this because I follow the money trails.
  • They abuse us – best example – see the scandal about the horse meat, that meat and the rotten meat it was mixed with was intended for you and me to eat.  They are not eating burgers!  Please think about this.
  • At this stage – they laugh at us because we are asleep.

We forget the corruption.  Maybe if we gather it all in one place, the penny will drop with more people and they will wake up.

Donald Trump can achieve peace in the Middle East because he wanted to.  That’s it – just simply because HE WANTED TO.  Our politicians/judges/tribunals can’t and won’t reach settlements and endings to anything BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL INVOLVED one way or another in something – a spider’s web.  And when you go really looking – you find they are all connected to one another either by family or business.

Some things are as plain as the nose on your face.  We have been conned into believing we can’t see, can’t understand the intricacies of court cases or issues, that we need lawyers and media to interpret for us.  Sometimes we do because most legal stuff is written in “legalese” a language to confuse and manipulate.  However, when you sit back, clear your mind and look at facts, it is quite easy to distinguish the important issue – Good from Bad, Right from Wrong.  Or it might be if we had media who reported facts instead of opinion – owners’ opinion.

Is Irish media ownership too concentrated? Here’s who is behind the major players in the Irish media – they control your opinion.

The first two links below are just to set the scene for what may or may not develop into a wider scandal involving government ministers and public representatives over the coming days, weeks or months in Ireland.

Zhenhua Data leak: personal details of millions around world gathered by China tech company -14 Sept 2020

Surveillance state: why Zhenhua Data is researching Irish people for the Chinese government – Sept 2020

Political Corruption in Ireland: A Comedy Of Errors – 3 July 2020

The Political Corruption Continues in Ireland – 29 June 2020


MISC LATEST NEWS: This is where I keep the bits and bobs that may not have blown up yet – if ever.  For the swamp that is the HSE for example please scroll on down.  Each tale of corruption has it’s own place.

Politicians paid mileage for attending virtual meetings from their homes – 29 Dec 2020

Probably not it wasn’t on RTE yet, so they must wait to be told how to react

Any more for the Irish gravy train?  It’s still rollin’!  New Secretary General of the Department of Health stands to may €300,000 per annum after a HUGE pay rise.  Meanwhile the plebs can pay back in taxes a percentage of the money received!

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rules that the measure of restricted movement and wearing of masks during a coronavirus pandemic is a violation of basic human rights.  – 26 Dec 2020

Important court ruling in UK finds free speech includes right to offend  – 23 Dec 2020

Eamonn Ryan, Leader of the Irish Green Party and member of the gvt has a great suggestion (sarcasm) to any possible future food shortages – plant a few salad seeds on a south facing window.…..seriously?  Member of Irish Parliament?  15 Dec 2020

As we wait to find out the Irish CCP members – perhaps have a look here China’s Economic Ties to Ireland

Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover – 13 Dec 2020

Green Party accused of hypocrisy over ‘volunteer internship’ role – unpaid labour. – 12 Dec 2020

Irish Government Ministers have an army of Civil Servants at their disposal – yet they appear to need to extra individual advisers – for what?  Who are they?  At what cost to the taxpayer? 11 Dec 2020

Former Taoisigh to get a €17,000 yearly increase on their pensions – 10 Dec 2020

Fine Gael TDs and Senators criticise handling of student nurses pay saying it portrayed party as ‘callous’ – 9 Dec 2020

No pay for student nurses but a HUGE increase for JUDGES!! – 8 Dec 2020

Amnesty: 17,000 illegal immigrants to be given residency in Ireland – Our own Irish people are having homes and farms sold out from under them – they are homeless or in hostels from which they have to go out in the morning and leave for a new one every few days.  Yet we are going to give residency to 17,000 people from where?  And they are in 4 star hotels until they get permanent housing?  Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  – What is the mad rush to replace Irish people with foreigners?  What countries are they running from?  But they are not running are they?  They are being ferried in by plane and boat, picked up in buses and taken to their free 4 star hotels.  – 7 Dec 2020

Operator rejects claims by Dr Tony Holohan that car parks are full – 23 Nov 2020

Two days ago Denmark’s parliament, after an 18 day protest outside their parliament, of thousands of people beating pots and pans, pulled back from the brink and dropped the idea of forcing vaccinations on the people.  At the same time the Irish Workers Party (they need drop that name) wants to introduce legislation in Ireland prohibiting un-vaccinated children going to school etc.. the “privilege” of going to school.  They obviously have not read the Irish Constitution. – 18 Nov 2020

Suspicion growing among politicians that COVID used for ‘prohibition by stealth’ – 6 Sept 2020

Ireland didn’t apply for EU covid payments due to late government formation – 25 Aug 2020

When it was revealed on 29 July 2020 that the World Bank Offered Belarus $940 Million Coronavirus Loan But Only If They Locked Down and Destroyed Economy it brought into question whether other countries had been offered similar incentives to lock down.

KPMG – Gangsters For The 1% – 23 Nov 2020

Infamous €2m Dail printer has yet to print a single page – 20 Oct 2020

Timeline: NPHET Level 5 recommendation – who knew what and when? – 8 Oct 2020

Defeat on Apple tax bill delivers big blow to EU’s Vestager – 16 July 2020

Irish Government Stealing Pensions – Fight Like The French – 21 Dec 2019

Open letter to Leo Varadkar 17 March 2019

Ministers warned Cabinet leaks are a ‘criminal offence’ 9 May 2018

Garda scandals: Clare Daly asks Commissioner about her own summons to court – 4 April 2017

Sick chicken: the dirty truth about food and the UK’s poultry industry – 25 July 2014

Ex-solicitor in €52m fraud trial granted extra legal aid – 5 March 2013



Ben Gilroy writes an open letter to the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, and others – 8 Dec 2020

Ben Gilroy explaining what is happening with farmers and others who are having their property sold and they knew nothing about it. – 5 Dec 2020

“I do not see how a sale of a farm or a business could occur if there had not already been repossession hearings in a court, because that would have to happen first” Leo Varadkar – 5 Dec 2020

Leo Varadkar: ‘No change to Marts business‘ – 4 Nov 2020

It advises me that I should get rid of all my cows’ – suckler and sheep farmer – 7 Sept 2020

Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, admits failing to protect farm incomes – 26 May 2020

Vultures Are Taking Over Irish Housing – 18 June 2018

David Norris warns Seanad of vulture fund evictions – 29 June 2017



Helen McEntee – wikipedia

Seamus Woulfe – widipedia

Leo Varadkar left fuming as Helen McEntee can’t put Golfgate crisis to bed – 30 Nov 2020

Varadkar says he did not instruct McEntee on Woulfe appointment – 27 Nov 2020

How did McEntee make her choice?  At no point since Seamus Woulfe was selected for the Supreme Court has the Minister for Justice stated that she sought out advice, writes Michael Clifford – 26 Nov 2020

Varadkar says he spoke with other leaders before telling McEntee ‘Woulfe would make a good judge’ – 26 Nov 2020

Opposition withdraw from Dáil business committee as McEntee row deepens – 24 Nov 2020

Helen McEntee says she followed ‘clear process’ in recommending Séamus Woulfe for Supreme Court – 17 Nov 2020



Something wrong somewhere!

Rose Conway-Walsh “It’s 4 years ago since I asked the minister responsible, LeoVaradkarfor sight of the contracts he approved for Seetec and Turas Nua. Hundreds of millions euro has since been spent on questionable activation practices, limited outcomes & displacement. Still no transparency Why?” – 15 Nov

Opposition TDs criticise extension of JobPath scheme – 12 Nov 2020

Public Service Card production company to receive €29 million fee – 29 Oct 2019

More Irish emigrants leaving the country than returning again – 27 July 2019

Only 6% of people have held down a job for over a year on JobPath – 21 June 2019

Private companies getting €3,718 for every jobseeker that makes it through the State’s Jobpath scheme – 30 Nov 2018

Over 11,000 jobseekers forced to do exact same programme twice – 28 Sept 2018

Dáil hears fraud concerns connected to two companies – 22 Feb 2018

Working Links accused of engaging in systemic fraud by former chief auditor – 25 May – 2012

Who are “Working Links”? 


Remember this in the UK 14 May 2020 but then both governments went in the opposite direction- why?  He was right – wasn’ t he?

Covid – Treatments and Preventatives

Covid – Follow the Money

Covid – Scamdemic

Covid – Lawsuits

Covid – Experts incl the WHO against it

Stephen Donnelly – wikipedia

Government can’t end placement of children in adult psychiatric wards – but they can pay recruitment fees in millions for nurses on 0 hours contracts and pay €14m for ventilators that don’t work with no comeback and no accountability and a Tanaiste that knows nothing about it…. Great Country is Ireland! –  24 Dec 2020

Landmark legal ruling finds that Covid tests are not fit for purpose. So what do the MSM do? They ignore it.  How funny (sad) that we in the once free and democratic western world now have to get most real news outside the official narrative on medical topics from RUSSIA and other alternative sources. – 27 Nov 2020

€102m paid to Ennis company by HSE for PPE during COVID-19 – Labor Party Leader, Alan Kelly, lobbied HSE on behalf of EKO for the contract. – 22 June 2020

Life savers – small Ennis company brings in lion’s share of PPE for HSE  – 17 June 2020


Why Stephen Donnelly Wants Your Granny Dead – Stephen Donnelly has now publicly asked nursing home residents to choose one person to be included in the vaccine program, so they can finally see their family without government lies of covid-contagion blocking hugs, smiles, and close contact. –  6 Dec 2020

‘People are scared for their vulnerable parents’: Calls for vital medical service on Cork’s northside to reopen  – 3 Dec 2020

How Kerry nursing home residents were failed, and how we can stop it from happening again – 28 Nov 2020

‘Something rotten’ at heart of Hiqa inspection system, claims TD – 19 Nov 2020

HIQA found hygiene issue at nursing home hit by Covid-19 – 18 Nov 2020

HSE Are Torturing And Killing Off Our Elderly – 25 Aug 2020

Listen to the Radio Recording

1200 Elderly Deaths In Nursing Homes – 31 July 2020

Hiqa report reveals trauma of nursing home residents and staff – 22 July 2020

Genocide Of The Elderly – 13 July 2020

Care homes accused of using powerful sedatives to make coronavirus victims die more quickly as use rocketed 100% – where is the Irish investigation into our practices? –  12 July 2020

The unfairest deal – Why do we drive 35% more than the EU average of our fast increasing elderly into soul-destroying and expensive institutions? – 27 June 2016



But Tanaiste Leo Varadkar remembers nothing about the ventilators – he has to go check  – Roisin Shortall Leaders Question Time Dail Eireann

A first for Ireland, the (roqu) test was performed live on-air with Prof Martin Curley, Director of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation at the HSE. The results were generated within 15 minutes before the end of Prof Curley’s presentation. – 12 Oct 2020

Covid test in use at Rome, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf airports being piloted in Roscommon (Roqu) – 27 Sept 2020

Irish-based ROQU Group launches world-first ‘Health Passport’ digital platform to support increased global COVID-19 testing – 28 Aug 2020

BREAKING!!!  –HSE paid Irish firm (Roqu) €14.1m for ventilators that remain unused


Offaly man (CPL) in €318m business deal – 4 Nov 2020

Recruitment firm CPL offered contact tracers zero hour contracts paid €3.2million by the HSE from March until August – 21 Oct 2020

HSE says zero-hour contracts issued to new Covid-19 contact tracers in error – 14 Oct 2020 (but, but, but see Irish Times 2 May)

Call for ‘precarious’ contracts of frontline nurses to be clarified – nurse ” has a “Specified Purpose Contract of Employment between CPL Healthcare Limited” and her. The HSE is described as “the client”. – 2 May 2020

We’re Throwing Cash At Denis O’Brien & Larry Goodman To Lease Hospitals – 3 April 2020

Children’s hospital: The meetings, the memos and the Minister – who knew what when? – 8 Feb 2019

Massive €2bn overspend on National Children’s Hospital could have been avoided, Brendan Howlin claims – 1 Feb 2019

Prime Time Investigates – Michael Shine – RTE 2009


GolfGate: Irish Agriculture Minister Dara Calleary resigns after attending Oireachtas Golf Dinner – 23 Aug 2020


Gino Kenny: The story of cannabis in Ireland is a tale of chronic pain and a hesitant government – 16 March 2020

Cork mum Vera Twomey pleads with authorities to help get Ava’s medicine – 16 March 2020

VERA TWOMEY – 17 Aug 2019

Tyrant Varadkar Blocks Medicinal Cannabis And 54 Other Bills – 24 June 2019

Vera Twomey tells 3news how her daughter’s seizures have improved – 15 Sept 2017

Irish Government Blocks Medical Cannabis Bill – 12 Sept 2017

Vera Twomey/ Ava Barry Campaign – 28 Feb 2017

Parents Of Children With Special Needs Protest HSE – 16 May 2018

Stephen Donnelly TD eaten alive by Vincent Browne last night over joining Fianna Fail – 7 April 2017


LEO VARADKAR – LEAKED Confidential Documents

“Medical Professional and the source of that now infamous Confidential Leak story, Chay Boews talked about the story that has badly damaged Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar.  We discuss the genesis of the story, the links to the dysfunctional NAGP, how Chay became aware of the issues and the political culture of insiders and cosy deals. We also explore his motivations and ask if his endeavours will bring about any positive change.” – 25 Nov 2020

Government Appoints NAGP To Investigate NAGP – 13 Nov 2020

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar wins vote of confidence – as Taoiseach Micheál Martin faces attack 11 Nov 2020

Government are confident that their 84 confidence votes will mean that Leo survives the no confidence vote – translated into English “do what you like when in government, then apologise and all will be fine”

At least 10 times not 2 or 3 – The Village Magazine 9 Nov 2020

Mary Lou McDonald tables motion of no confidence in Leo Varadkar

What was the second document that Varadkar sent to his friend? He starts speaking english at 0.35 seconds into the video – 5 Nov 2020

Leo Varadkar Must Go   – 5 Nov 2020

State’s political standards watchdog asked to investigate Tánaiste Leo Varadkar’s leak of confidential GP contract 3 Nov 2020

Deputy Pearse Doherty – speech – 03 Nov 2020

The matter was discussed in Dail Eireann on 3 Nov 2020.  The same day, The Village Magazine released a statement saying it had consulted legal counsel and were satisfied the Tanaiste, Leo Varadkar had broken the law.

Simon Harris lays out what he knew about Varadkar ‘leak’ to GP friend – 2 Nov 2020

Who were the NAGP, the doctors’ group at the centre of the Leo Varadkar leaking controversy? – 2 Nov 2020

Leo the Leak, CPL Zero Hour Contracts and Wetherspoons…again – 31 Oct 2020

Leo Varadkar, lawbreaker: Tánaiste transferred confidential document to friend. – 31 Oct 2020 The Village Magazine

Emmet Kirwan on the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar – 25 May 2018

Leo Varadkar named on list of ‘global leaders’  under 40 – This is a rather odd list – along the lines of the European Young Leaders list.  Seems that if you take part in their programmes the only way is up, fast track to the top in business and global government – 9 May 2018

Ministers warned Cabinet leaks are a ‘criminal offence’ 9 May 2018

 TUSLA – Unending scandals

Tusla services in the South-East still impacted by staff vacancies – 8 Dec 2020

Significant shortcomings in care of child with disabilities – report – 26 Nov 2020

Structure and organisation of Tusla is ‘not good,’ its CEO warns – 24 Nov 2020

Judge slams TUSLA for splitting up siblings -11 Nov 2020

More than 530 staff leave Tusla since the start of 2019 – 24 Sept 2020

Fighting The HSE For 26 Years – 19 Sept 2020

A chilling chronicle, whether error or conspiracy – Maurice McCabe

Tusla insists new guidelines will not enable alleged child abusers to interview their alleged victims – 4 Feb 2020

Parents kept ‘in the dark’ over creches – Rabbitte – 7 Nov 2019

Tusla overpaid staff by more than €1.1 million – 10 Sept 2019

Kathleen Funchion TD tells Tusla she is “disgusted” by their reaction to RTÉ creche investigation – 9 Aug 2019

Lost in Care-Read the Story – 13 June 2019

In conversation about TUSLA with Maura – a retired social worker and whistleblower – 2 June 2019

Tusla & Family Courts Protect Irish Pedophile | Polish TV Doc – 6 Jan 2019


Catherine Connolly TD speaking on the Mother and Baby Homes– 11 Nov 2020

Fergus Finlay: Sealing of mother-and-baby home records is burying of our shame – 27 Oct 2020

Government Seal Mother & Baby Home Files For 30 years – 23 Oct 2020

What is the mother and baby home legislation passed in the Oireachtas this week? – 23 Oct 2020


Peter Mulryan demands answers to what happened to his sister in Tuam  – 11 March 2017

‘We took their babies and gifted them, sold them, trafficked them and starved them’ Enda Kenny 2017

Tuam and Ireland’s shame: unedited interview with Catherin Corless June 2014


Sinn Féin’s former West Tyrone member of the Northern Assembly Catherine Kelly became the fourth member of her party to resign over the mistaken lodgment of three £10,000 sterling checks for relief cash into Sinn Féin accounts. – 5 Nov 2020

Sinn Féin’s Elisha McCallion, Maolíosa McHugh and a third member of the party resign over Covid-19 grant money – 29 Oct 2020

TDs spent €35,000 on constituency offices during lockdown – 30 Aug 2020

More revelations on the Sinn Féin Covid cash story

Sinn Fein silent over senators expenses during lockdown – 12 Aug 2020

Sinn Fein MPs say they will not accept £10,000 expenses allowance to work from home -15 April 2020

Sinn Fein is Ireland’s richest political party – 5 March 2020

Mothers Treated Like Terrorists – 14 Dec 2019

UUP calls for end to Sinn Fein £120k-a-year Westminster expenses – 11 Nov 2019

Legal question over €1.6m left in will to Sinn Féin – 20 Sept 2019

Sinn Féin has ‘no business’ in Westminster but collects €4.5m – 21 Jan 2019

Sinn Féin claim $1.4m expenses despite refusing to step foot in UK Parliament – 2017

Eamonn McCann: Public pressure forces Sinn Féin U-turn on Stormont expenses – 25 Feb 2016

NI Assembly Commission misleads the Assembly, and the public – 15 Feb 2016

Sinn Féin MLAs who claimed almost £700,000 in expenses ‘did nothing wrong’ – 12 Feb 2016

Sinn Féin: Research Services Ireland – 27 Nov 2014

Spotlight: Research Services Ireland got £700,000 in Sinn Féin expenses – 26 Nov 2014



Scoping Inquiry into the Cervical Check Screening Programme – Dr. Gabriel Scally

Taoiseach to ‘further engage’ on CervicalCheck tribunal after campaigners quit talks – 22 Nov 2020

CervicalCheck Tribunal is just as ‘adversarial’ and offers ‘no advantage’ over High Court, says Vicky Phelan – 22 Nov 2020

CervicalCheck support group tells government ‘time is up’ to discuss proposed tribunal – 18 Nov 2020

Shocking cancer scandal that was brought to light by brave victims – 21 July 2020

‘It’s too late for an apology’ as Ruth Morrissey loses cancer battle – 20 July 2020

Irish Supreme Court upholds win for woman (Ruth Morrissey) whose cervical cancer was missed – 24 March 2020

The CervicalCheck Scandal – A Legal Analysis

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health.  Opening Statement Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health – 18 dec 2019

UK doctors’ review of CervicalCheck scandal finds 159 ‘missed opportunities’ to prevent or diagnose cancer in some Irish women – 3 Dec 2019

Simon Harris ‘not sure actually’ if deceit over Cervical Check scandal was deliberate – 23 Oct 2019

Cervical Check: Leo Varadkar offers state apology to 1,000 women – 22 Oct 2019

A scandal over cervical checks is a sign of a bigger problem in Ireland – 5 Oct 2019

There are calls on the Department of Health to explain how it treated a Cervical Check patient advocate Lorraine Walsh. – 23 Aug 2019

Women affected by cervical cancer scandal to receive 20,000 euro payments – 18 June 2019

Court cases, a smear test backlog and now an ‘IT issue’ – 15 months of the CervicalCheck scandal – 17 June 2019

Top medic Tony Holohan advised against Cervical Check review – 12 March 2019

The Irish mother who exposed a cervical cancer scandal – 7 Dec 2018

Irish smear scandal: 86,000-plus awaiting repeat test results – 18 Oct 2018

Woman (Emma Mhic Mhathuna) Gets $8.74M in Irish Cervical Cancer Screening Scandal – 3 July 2018

State’s chief medical officer knew of Cervical Check ‘damning memo’ in 2016 – 16 May 2018

Cervical Check scandal: What is it all about? – 1 May 2018


Anti Corruption Ireland – A Movement to be Reckoned With – March 2019


Irish Banks Pay No Tax – 30 Aug 2018

Lodging Criminal Complaints against GRG Ulster Bank – 4 Oct 2018

Chairman John McGuinness TD challenges Ulster Bank re the Tracker Scandal – 2 Feb 2018

Sean Fitzpatrick’s trial – 16 June 2017


Irish Horse Meat Scandal – wikipedia

Is this where the 29% horse in your Tesco burger came from? – 25 Oct 2013

Horsemeat scandal: MPs question Irish meat industry in select committee hearings – 16 July 2013


Still ongoing after 20 years

Highway Robbery – The CRH plc Story

CRH plc – Corruption & Political Influence over the years

Supreme Court limits investigation’s access to emails of senior CRH executive – 29 May 2017

Ireland’s biggest company is being investigated by the competition watchdog – 18 May 2015

CRH: A history of scandal – 2 Nov 2012

CRH’s dealings in the ‘Wild East’ – 27 July 2005

CRH criticised as `octopus’ within economy – 18 May 2000



29 Dec 2020 – Politicians paid mileage for attending virtual meetings from their homes

30 Aug 2020 – TDs spent €35,000 on constituency offices during lockdown

31 July 2020 Irish people were shocked to hear the newly elected Irish Gvt voted to take 6 weeks holidays having only taken up office 6 weeks previously.

Calls for review of Dáil attendance and expenses system – 1 Nov 2019

TDs claim nearly €3million in travel and accommodation expenses in first five months of 2019

TDs claim €1,000 in subsistence payments for five-day Swiss trip  -11 Jan 2019

Politicians Are Paid Too Much- & They Get Bribes! – 3 Sept 2018

The Advisers: Meet the small group who have run the country since 2011, for €3.1 million a year – 31 Jan 2016

TD expenses controversy misses the point – 6 July 2012

Higgins slams ‘manufactured controversy’ over use of TDs expenses – 3 July 2012

Taoiseach, Noonan, Howlin among ministers claiming unvouched TDs’ expenses – 3 Feb 2012

This is how much your TD claimed in expenses in 2011 – 3 Feb 2012

The TDs who were paid less than €50k in expenses – and why – 2 Feb 2012

In full: 1 in 5 TDs claimed more than €50k in expenses last year – 2 Feb 2012

MPs’ expenses: Sinn Fein claimed £500,000 for second homes – 2009

Expenses row: Sinn Féin MP used London home only once in 12 months – 11 May 2009



Bertie Ahern

The Mahon Report – The Tribunal – 23 March 2012

The Mahon Report – Cost and Effect – 23 March 2012

Bertie Ahern, Brian Dobson Interview 2006



Group suing Denis O’Brien and State can amend case over licence award – 16 Dec 2019

Denis O’Brien & Friends Get Ireland’s Rural Broadband – 19 May 2019

Give Me A Crash Course In . . . Michael Lowry – 30 June 2018

Michael Lowry claims he is vindicated, despite conviction – TD found guilty of tax offences is fined and banned from acting as company director – 27 June 2018

Payment at heart of Lowry tax trial would have been of great interest to Moriarty tribunal – 26 June 2018

Jury to resume deliberations on Lowry verdict on Monday – 22 June 2018

From Naughten to Neachtain: nothin’ worth notin’ – 13 May  2018

Denis Naughten TD Another Puppet Of Denis O’Brien – 23 April 2018

Money trail: Denis O’Brien, Michael Lowry and the Criminal Assets Bureau 8 Nov 2017

In which Denis gets himself sued – 1 Dec 2016

Denis O’Brien. The Truth.

Clinton’s and Denis O’Brien has massive criticism in IRELAND – 25 July 2016

Dennis O Brien & The Clinton Foundation

Profile – Denis O’Brien (2013). – 28 May 2015

What Denis O’Brien doesn’t want you to see: Catherine Murphy on his banking arrangements etc. – 20 May 2015

A case against Denis O’Brien and Michael Lowry won’t go ahead – because of a law from 1634 – 20 April 2016

Gemma O’Doherty wins undisclosed damages in case against Independent Newspapers – Jan 13 2015

The Moriarty Report: One Year On – 30 March 2012

Denis O’Brien: a complicated career and dubious ethics – 14 Dec 2011

Village publishes preliminary Moriarty Findings – 15 June 2009

Denis O’Brien suffers another setback in the courts – 28 Dec 2005



Lorcan Allen discusses Goodman-linked companies €172m profits on Today FM’s The Last Word – 19 June 2020

World in Action – Larry Goodman Beef investigation – 1991


Politics in Ireland: A Gold Standard in Corruption