Stephen Donnelly TD

Stephen Donnelly TD – Who is he?

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly and Dr Tony Holohan should have a good look at themselves in the mirror – 5 Jan 2022

Surveillance exposed. Stephen Donnelly must resign – 18 Nov 2021



Reopening plan comes with ‘heavy caveat’ about COVID-19 rates – Donnelly – When you listen to enough recordings you begin to spot the lies in the tone of voice, the hesitations, the emphases and where they are placed.


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Fury as Stephen Donnelly leaves maternity debate early – 2 June 2021

Catherine Connolly TD doesn’t hold back on Stephen Donnelly. – 29 May 2021

Mattie McGrath challenges Stephen Donnelly who has never give a promised written answer to a Dail question. – 23 April 2021

Donnelly apologises to Catherine Connolly for ‘unf***ingbelievable’ incident – 21 Jan 2021

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