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Independent TD Michael Lowry tops the Rich List, with assets estimated to be worth over 7 million euro. – 25 Sept 2021

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Michael Lowry is Ireland’s richest politician with an estimated worth of €6.4m – 13 May 2018

The insight into the wealth of the people who govern the country estimated that controversial Independent TD Michael Lowry is the wealthiest politician in the Dail.  Mr Lowry’s State pension and personal assets are estimated to be worth a massive €6.4m. – 13 May 2018

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The Moriarty Tribunal 2011 Findings

  • Lowry “secured the winning” of the 1995 mobile licence for O’Brien.
  • O’Brien made two payments to Lowry in 1996 and 1999 totalling IR£500,000 (GB£147,000 and GB£300,000) and supported a loan of GB£420,000 given to Lowry in 1999, a benefit equivalent to a payment.
  • Lowry imparted substantive information to O’Brien which was “of significant value and assistance to him in securing the licence”.
  • Lowry bypassed consideration by his Cabinet colleagues and thereby not only influenced, but delivered the result for Esat Digifone.
  • A US$50,000 donation to Fine Gael was made through Telenor on behalf of Esat Digifone.
  • Lowry sought to influence a hike in the lease for Marlborough House (Telecom Éireann headquarters) following a request from Mr Dunne. These rent increases would have improperly enriched Dunne, and were deemed to be “profoundly corrupt”.
  • Lowry was criticised for his “cynical and venal abuse of office” and his brazen refusal to acknowledge the impropriety of his financial arrangements with O’Brien and Dunne.

Village publishes preliminary Moriarty Findings – 15 June 2009

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