Alan Kelly TD

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‘Today is a difficult day for me’, Alan Kelly steps down as Labour Party leader – 2 March 2022

Labour leader and rural Airbnb operator Alan Kelly wants Airbnb regulated – but only in urban areas – 6 Oct 2021

Alan Kelly Calls On Government To Pay Pandemic Bonus To Healthcare Workers – Kelly would like to buy some votes and goodwill with this call – to add to our already overwhelming debt.  But sure it’s ok, people will be grateful for the handout and have not notion they are going to be paying it back through the nose in so many hidden and different tax increases for the rest of their lives and their descendants for generations.  Politicans again being asked to play fast and loose with public money. –  17 Aug 2021

VIDEO in this link – Alan Kelly accuses Health Minister of ‘incompetence’ in Dáil tirade, just a little bit of entertaining chit chat for the public – Donnelly’s smile.  In case you don’t know it, the individual gvt Ministers get the questions they are going to be asked in writing prior to the Dail Sessions, so the Civil Service can prepare the answers – all just a show. – 1 April 2021

2020 After Brendan Howlin’s intention to stand down as party leader following the 2020 general election, Kelly was nominated by two of the party’s six TDs; Seán Sherlock and Duncan Smith.  Kelly was also publicly supported by former Labour TDs Jan O’Sullivan and Willie Penrose. Launching his election bid, Kelly said that a complete rebuild of the Labour Party was needed.  On 3 April 2020, he was announced as the new leader of the Labour Party, having won 55% of the vote.

New Labour leader Alan Kelly keeps his powder dry – for now – 4 April 2020

Alan Kelly v Aodhán Ó Ríordáin: Two TDs set to compete for Labour leadership – 18 Feb 2020

Labour TD Alan Kelly opens up on Health Minister role and his inspirational pal – 5 Oct 2019

Alan Kelly isolated by colleagues over Labour leadership coup – 1 Sept 2018

Labour’s Brendan Howlin dismisses Alan Kelly’s challenge to his leadership – 31 Aug 2018

Alan Kelly under fire for warning Howlin about Labour’s fortunes – 7 Nov 2017

2017, Kelly called for the HPV vaccine to be given to all schoolboys in Ireland. The vaccine’s roll-out among girls had recently been subject to controversy over its alleged side effects.

Labour wants the HPV vaccine to be rolled out to boys sooner rather than later – 10 Sept 2017

Alan Kelly urges Labour to merge with Social Democrats – 17 Aug 2017

According to The Journal in 2016, Kelly, described himself as being an ‘early achiever’, ‘ruthless’ and ‘extremely ambitious.’ The publication also claimed at that time that he was a “mere boy in the context of Ireland’s political age-profile

‘This is an absolute joke of a Dáil’: Alan Kelly on sexism, his poisoned chalice and Labour’s future – 26 Dec 2016

Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government

Kelly’s bid to lead Labour dashed as no TDs back him – 20 May 2016

Labour at war: Kelly snubs party press conference as Howlin becomes leader – 20 May 2016

A contrite Alan Kelly: ‘Power is a drug’ moment wasn’t my finest – 7 April 2016

Councillors criticise new planning powers for ministerA law brought in by Kelly was criticised by the Irish Planning Institute (IPI), who said that it would increase ministerial planning powers over local authorities and could significantly change how planning operates in Ireland.  Councillors opposed to the law said that it was a “power grab”, and claimed it could significantly limits the planning powers of local government.  – 22 Feb 2016

‘Power is a drug’: Alan Kelly’s recent interview showed the true colours of Irish politics – 7 Feb 2016

Alan Kelly is fine with John Delaney telling Tipperary people to vote for him – 19 Jan 2016

2014 – 2016 Deputy leader of the Labour Party

In December 2015 Kelly became emotional as he strongly denied claims that he had leaked information about the Labour Party to the media.  A number of Labour TDs identified him as the source of a leak of an internal analysis which suggested that Labour would lose up to 20 seats at the upcoming general election.

Phil Hogan who set up Irish Water has declared that the company overseeing water charges is not a mess and he only did what was required during the bailout.  Now Alan Kelly in charge – – 25 Sept 2015

‘Every time Alan Kelly picks up the phone to a journalist, the Irish Water policy changes’ – 20 Aug 2015

2011 – 2014 Minister of State for Public and Commuter Transport

Rapid rise for North Tipperary candidate Alan Kelly – 5 July 2014

Need to govern with more heart, says Joan Burton – 5 July 2014

Minister of State Alan Kelly recalls neighbour’s camera pointed at his home – 7 Nov 2013

2009 – 2011 Member of the European Parliament for the South constituency

Served on the Delegation for Relations with the United States

2007 – 2009 Senator for the Agricultural Panel

Manager at Bord Failte

Alan Kelly on wiki from which some of the above extracts taken

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