Sligo-Leitrim Constituency

‘I’m the only one prepared to say how I feel about Micheál Martin’ – Marc MacSharry 18 July 2021

They voted on 2 June 2021 in Dail Eireann to extend the emergency powers until Nov 2021 and gave the Minister for Health even more powers.

How they voted against our freedoms Sept 2020 to May 2021

These 6 MEPs voted No to Vaccine Passports first time round. 4 of them changed their vote second time round. Wonder why?

Second Vote:

These two voted “no” second time

Worth while watching how these two vote next week.  NPHET does not make the rules, politicians in gvt does and their leader is hell bent on taking away all our human rights.

Why is Marian Harkin listed on page 59 of George Soros booklet of Reliable Allies in the EU Parliament 2014 -2019? 

Are you thinking something is not quite right?