Helen McEntee, the saga of Justice Seamus Woulfe and more

Stories start at the bottom of the page and are update as events happen or develop over time – time being the operative word in politics.  Leave enough of it pass and all is forgotten.

Should McEntee’s connection with Big Pharma concern us?  Or our other Public Reps?

‘This was a mistake, and it shouldn’t have happened’ says McEntee on €4,200 in political donations from Tayto Park owner – 25 Feb 2022

Justice Minister Helen McEntee won’t say if Tayto boss Ray Coyle gave other donations – 25 Feb 2022

Anti-lockdown lawyer Una McGurk bumped off Tribunal by McEntee – 25 Feb 2021

Party celebrating McEntee’s first election to the Dáil held in Tayto Park – 23 Feb 2022

Justice Minister helped Tayto Park owner who gave her €4,200 in political donations with Covid rules – 22 Feb 2022

Legal action cost and migrant status set for reform – 22 Feb 2020

McEntee’s Crusade Against “Hate Speech”

I was offended – Steve Hughes – 2015

Sharing hate speech online to become criminal offence but there will be protections for freedom of speech – 17 Dec 2020

Minister McEntee launches findings of public consultation on Hate Speech and Hate Crime and commits to drafting new Legislation


And it would seem that is the end of the Seamus Woulfe Golfgate and appointment saga… nothing to see here, carry on!

Helen McEntee – wikipedia

Seamus Woulfe – wikipedia

Seamus Woulfe hearing Supreme Court case for first time – 4 Feb 2021

Leo Varadkar left fuming as Helen McEntee can’t put Golfgate crisis to bed – 30 Nov 2020

Varadkar says he did not instruct McEntee on Woulfe appointment – 27 Nov 2020

How did McEntee make her choice?  At no point since Seamus Woulfe was selected for the Supreme Court has the Minister for Justice stated that she sought out advice, writes Michael Clifford – 26 Nov 2020

Varadkar says he spoke with other leaders before telling McEntee ‘Woulfe would make a good judge’ – 26 Nov 2020

Opposition withdraw from Dáil business committee as McEntee row deepens – 24 Nov 2020

Helen McEntee says she followed ‘clear process’ in recommending Séamus Woulfe for Supreme Court – 17 Nov 2020

A Woulfe in judges clothing – 9 Oct 2020

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