Brian Cowen TD & the Banks Bailout

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Banks Bailout –  Anglo Irish Banks

Eamon Ryan TD & the Banks Bailout

Kevin Cardiff & the Banks Bailout

IBRC – Formerly Anglo Irish Banks

Troika – the systemic dismantling of Ireland’s Health System

“I’m sure there’s an awful lot more skeletons in the closet when it comes to politicians in Dáil Éireann, so I think this might be a minor altercation. – 15 July 2020

Former Taoiseach Brian Cowen fighting for life after suffering suspected brain haemorrhage – 6 July 2019

Brian Cowen became a member of the board of the Ireland China Institute in early May, 2018.

Brian Cowen has joined the board of a European think tank funded by big business – 27 Feb 2017

Canadian Firm paid €258m in cash for Denis O’Brien’s Topaz –– 1 April 2016

O’Brien Flips Topaz To Canadians – 2 Dec 2015

Former Taoiseach Brian Cowen joins board of Beacon Hospital – Denis O’Brien –  18 Feb 2018

Why would Denis O’Brien want Brian Cowen? – 6 Aug 2015

Denis O’Brien owned Topaz appoints Brian Cowen as director – 2 May 2014

Ahern and Cowen won’t be reluctant to appear before banking inquiry – 30 Dec 2013

“There is no one more sorry than I” – Brian Cowen – 30 Aug 2013

Cabinet got no say on guarantee: Willie O’Dea –  April 2011

Irish banking collapse caused by greed and complicit public – report – 19 April 2011

Defeated taoiseach Brian Cowen faces seizure of UK buy-to-let property – 6 March 2011

Brian Cowen quits as FF leader, remains as Taoiseach – 22 Jan 2011

Timeline: The Fianna Fáil heave – how it unfolded – 19 Jan 2011

Taoiseach must come clean on all dealings with FitzPatrick: Burton – 9 Jan 2011

World bailout wrap-up: Ireland expects, and it’s just a matter of time – 18 Nov 2010

Irish PM Brian Cowen under pressure after ‘drunk’ radio interview – 20 Sept 2010

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