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Republic’s education minister rejects work-from-home calls for unvaccinated pregnant teachers – 25 Aug 2021

Education minister pledges ‘further action’ on second-level pay – 7 April 2021

Norma Foley gives update on masks for children in primary schools – 25 March 2021

‘Every effort’ being made to reopen special education – 21 Jan 2021

Minister Foley confirms that schools will remain closed to students – 7 Jan 2021

In 2020 Micheal Martin appointed to one of the most important and highest positions of Government, the daughter and assistant of a former Fianna Fail TD who was the lead in investigating the Ansbacher Accounts Tax Evasion scandal while holding one himself.  Norma Foley is a first time TD elected 4 months prior to her appointment.

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FF’s Norma Foley follows her dad with Dail bid – 8 Jan 2015

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