Leo Varadkar & NAGP


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Leo Varadkar Under Criminal Investigation – 18 March 2021

Punters bet on Leo Varadkar to be gone by summer as police probe ongoing – 17 March 2021

Leaks of confidential docs to friends is in the interest of the public?

Garda inquiry into Varadkar GP contract leak upgraded to formal investigation – it only took them a year! – 14 March 2021

New questions arise for Leo Varadkar about leaked contract – 24 Jan 2021

The Big Deal – 28 Nov 2020

“Medical Professional and the source of that now infamous Confidential Leak story, Chay Bowes talked about the story that has badly damaged Tánaiste, Leo Varadkar.  We discuss the genesis of the story, the links to the dysfunctional NAGP, how Chay became aware of the issues and the political culture of insiders and cosy deals. We also explore his motivations and ask if his endeavours will bring about any positive change.” – 25 Nov 2020

Government Appoints NAGP To Investigate NAGP – 13 Nov 2020

Nomination of ex-FF Senator and NAGP lobbyist to SIPO labelled ‘outrageous’ by opposition – 12 Nov 2020

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar wins vote of confidence – as Taoiseach Micheál Martin faces attack 11 Nov 2020

Government are confident that their 84 confidence votes will mean that Leo survives the no confidence vote – translated into English “do what you like when in government, then apologise and all will be fine”

At least 10 times not 2 or 3 – The Village Magazine 9 Nov 2020
Mary Lou McDonald tables motion of no confidence in Leo Varadkar

What was the second document that Varadkar sent to his friend? He starts speaking english at 0.35 seconds into the video – 5 Nov 2020

Leo Varadkar Must Go   – 5 Nov 2020

‘absolute spin’- Sinn Fein accuse Leo Varadkar of offering ‘dig out’ to friend as GP contract leak slammed as ‘grubby’ – 4 Nov 2020

State’s political standards watchdog asked to investigate Tánaiste Leo Varadkar’s leak of confidential GP contract 3 Nov 2020

Deputy Catherine Connolly to Leo varadkar- speech – 03 Nov 2020

Deputy Pearse Doherty – speech – 03 Nov 2020

The matter was discussed in Dail Eireann on 3 Nov 2020.  The same day, The Village Magazine released a statement saying it had consulted legal counsel and were satisfied the Tanaiste, Leo Varadkar had broken the law.

Simon Harris lays out what he knew about Varadkar ‘leak’ to GP friend – 2 Nov 2020

Who were the NAGP, the doctors’ group at the centre of the Leo Varadkar leaking controversy? – 2 Nov 2020

Leo Varadkar, lawbreaker: Tánaiste transferred confidential document to friend. – 31 Oct 2020 The Village Magazine

Simon Harris replies to Twitter offer (Maitiu O Tuathail) of night out in Copper Face Jacks with front line workers once lockdown is over – 31 March 2020

Ministers warned Cabinet leaks are a ‘criminal offence’ 9 May 2018

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