Catherine Zappone

NEW RE-OPENING 22  Oct 2021

These new directions from government and Nphet tell us regarding opening on 22nd Oct that you can “NOW” book multiple tables in restaurants etc. This means that it was not legal to book multiple tables before this date. So that confirms that Merrion Hotel and Katherine Zapone’s gathering involving multiple tables and large crowd was illegal and should not have happened.

This was covered over to protect those attending and Leo among others by a statement from the Attorney General that t was not illegal and was legal. This is again a made up statement to protect those that should have known better. This also devalues the credibility of the A.G. and he should resign immediately.

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Donohoe defends appointment of Zappone as UN special envoy for freedom of expression – 27 July 2021

Taoiseach not told in advance of decision to appoint Katherine Zappone to taxpayer-funded UN role – The Cabinet agreed to appoint Ms Zappone as a Special Envoy for Freedom of Opinion and Expression. Mr Coveney brought a memo on the proposal to Cabinet today.27 July 2021

  • I was contacted in 2019 by a family member of a child sent by TUSLA to the notorious St Andrew’s Adolescent Psychiatric Service in Northampton. They hadn’t seen the child in months and were finding it impossible to make contact.
  • Clare Daly contacted the Children’s Minister Catherine Zappone and the response she got from TUSLA on 3 July 2019 is posted in the comment section below.
  • A month earlier on 6 June the BBC reported that the unit was been deemed “unsafe” and threatened with closure following an inspection.
  • The CQC (Care Quality Commission) said patients were not treated “with dignity, compassion or respect” and safety had “deteriorated”.
  • This latest inspection, the third in two years, found most seclusion rooms did not have basic furnishings.
  • Rooms lacked items such as a beds, pillows, blankets or mattresses, and records referred to patients as sitting or lying on the floor while in those rooms.
  • Inspectors found that on one occasion male staff were present when a female patient was changing her clothes.
  • They said that was “uncaring, undignified and disrespectful to the patient”.
  • They also found discrepancies between written incident reports, staff recollection of incidents and images of those incidents captured on CCTV. (1)
  • The inspection followed an exposé by the BBC that included footage of a teenager locked in seclusion, able to touch their parent only through a door hatch at one of its units, has been shown to the BBC. (2)
  • I highlighted it at the time and contacted mainstream media. No response!
  • Last year the BBC reported once again on St. Andrew’s.
  • An employment tribunal found a member of St Andrew’s staff was unfairly dismissed when they discovered he had been a whistleblower at a previous workplace. (3)
  • A CQC report published in January 2020 found “repeated and systemic failings relating to procedures and clinical governance.”(3)
  • Skipping ahead to the present.
  • Newstalk reports today that Tusla has spent nearly €3.6 million on sending three children abroad in the last two years. They don’t report that it’s the notorious St Andrew’s.
  • Tanya Ward, from the Children’s Rights Alliance, says the practice should end.
  • She said: “We have heard from children and young people and the families affected – and this hasn’t always been a very positive effect on their lives.
  • “For the families affected, for example, it means they have to travel to the UK to visit their children.
  • “This can be very expensive, and it can also mean they don’t get to see their children all that often.”
  • She said Ireland should be looking at developing those therapies and supports here.
  • Tusla says out-of-state placements are only considered when the needs of the young person can’t be met in Ireland.(4)
  • The money given by TUSLA to St Andrew’s 2014-2019 is in the comment section below.

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