Mary Harney TD

28 Jan 2019 – Mary Harney joins board of nursing home group Brindley

  • Former minister for health appointed following €10m investment by BGF.
  • Ms Harney and Leo Casey, the head of BGF in Ireland, have both been appointed as directors on the Brindley board.
  • Ms Harney was introduced to Brindley, one of the largest privately-owned operators of nursing homes in the State, by BGF, a growth capital investment company that recently put €10 million into Brindley.
  • Brindley was established by its chief executive Amanda Torrens in 2000 with a 25-bed nursing home in Co Donegal.  Following a number of acquisitions and the development of new facilities, it now consists of eight nursing homes with a combined capacity of more than 400 beds in Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Kildare and Laois.
  • The Brindley board is chaired by Noel Daly (Eakin Healthcare Group), a former chief executive of An Bord Altranais, the statutory regulator now known as the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.

4 Jan 2019 – Donegal nursing home group wins €10m investment

18 May 2012  – Harney for board of Indian firm

April 2012 – appointed a non-executive board member of Biocon Ltd

14 Jan 2011 – Harney was impressive in her day but her legacy leaves a lot to be desired

  • Harney will be remembered mainly for her failure to reform the health service –
  • Harney should be remembered for her role in neutering the ability of the Central Bank to deal with crucial issues –
  • It was Harney, in her role as Minister for Enterprise and Employment, who insisted on the construction of the Financial Regulator’s office, ostensibly to provide greater protection for the consumer. McCreevy agreed reluctantly to the entreaties of his closest political friend and put in place what he described as a two-humped camel, the regulator supposedly independent but under the nominal control of the Central Bank.
  • The failure of regulation was central to our banking crisis
  • Unfortunately, Harney was always one of the politicians closest to businessmen who wanted to let rip and who wanted politicians to “get out of their way” unless, of course, they wanted something from them.
  • One of Harney’s weaknesses was her delight in hanging out with such people. In 1999, I was editor of The Sunday Tribune when we revealed that Harney had holidayed in a French villa owned by businessman Ulick McEvaddy, a man who owns a substantial landbank (then and now) near Dublin Airport which he wanted to use for the construction of an airport terminal to rival DAA. Whether or not that would have been a good idea is a moot point but Harney unwisely left herself in a compromised position by accepting such hospitality (as did McCreevy).

2011 – Harney resigned as Minister

24 Oct 2009 – Harney racked up $5,000 bill at luxury hotel on Super Bowl trip – accompanied by her husband Brian Geoghegan and Tony Holohan among others.

18 May 2009 – Harney exempted Phoenix Park plan

Cowen says he won’t be asking for Harney’s resignation – 28 Nov 2008

THERE is nothing particularly odd about the fact that the news columns and the airwaves carried comments on the Government’s strategy for reform of the public service side by side with expressions of anger and indignation over Mary Harney’s hairdo. – 28 Nov 2008

At the same time as Harney is jetting off to USA and paying a fortune for hair-do this – Harney grilled on medical card funds

  • The confirmation by the Health Service Executive (HSE) emerged after embattled Health Minister Mary Harney and HSE chief Brendan Drumm appeared before the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children yesterday.
  • The Committee heard details of two terminally-ill people living in the Ballyfermot and Blanchardstown areas of Dublin who were refused the same cards.
  • Laverne McGuinness, a senior HSE executive, confirmed the money for these cards will be capped for the first time next year. Prof Drumm earlier admitted that beds will be closed next year, although he could not say now many.
  • “Year on year going forward, there will be focus on moving money out hospitals into the community.
  • “Moving money out of hospitals will mean beds will constrict,” he said.
  • He added the HSE had savings of €280m this year and will have to achieve more in 2009.

Harney’s husband, Brian Geoghegan, former Chairman of FAS, faces grilling over FAS bills for foreign travel – 12 Dec 2008

28 Nov 2008 – Sky-high cost of FAS Florida trip – Mary Harney personally requested the use of the Government jet for the controversial FAS trip to Florida at a cost of up to €80,000 to taxpayers.  Taoiseach of the time — Bertie Ahern — would have personally approved its use by Ms Harney.

  • She was receiving more than €100-a-day subsistence money from the taxpayer when FAS picked up her hairdressing bill in a Florida hotel. Like all government ministers travelling abroad, she was entitled to a daily allowance for “incidental expenses”.
  • As well as the daily allowance for travelling abroad, Ms Harney, like other ministers, was receiving other “general expenses”.
  • She is entitled to unvouched allowances of €13,390.66 a year.
  • FAS took five ministers to visit its “Space Challenge” project in Florida in the past five years. These included Ms Harney, Minister for Enterprise Micheal Martin, the then Minister for Education Mary Hanafin, Junior Minister Tony Killeen (then Labour Affairs) and former Junior Minister Michael Ahern (then International Trade).
  • Though given permission to use the jet, FAS officials also provisionally booked business-class return tickets for the entire party — in case the jet should be called away on urgent Government business.
  • The trip was arguably a non-urgent use of the Gulfstream IV, which costs the taxpayer €7,000 an hour to operate. The return trip would have cost around €80,000 in fuel, with added landing premiums for private aircraft.
  • Spouses (partners are not eligible) are paid 50pc of the daily unvouched allowance of around €100, most commonly when ministers travel abroad for St Patrick’s Day.
  • The Department of Finance’s “travel expert” Dermot Meehan said he believed that first class flights were not allowed, and that business class flights were only allowed for journeys of six hours or more.

19 Jan 2007 –  Harney defends cancer care strategy timescale

Mary Harney on wiki

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
  • India’s richest woman
  • Honorary Irish Consul in Bangalore
  • 2001 Appointed to Board of Science Foundation of Ireland (SFI) by Mary Harney
  • Founder of Biocon
  • Ms Mazumdar Shaw started the Biocon as a joint venture with a firm in Carrigaline, Co Cork, in 1978, making industrial enzymes. While the Irish firm was bought by Unilever, the Indian arm diversified into making generic drugs.
  • Biocon employs about 5,500 people and has annual revenues of $568 million (€447 million).

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