Paschal Donohoe TD

Prussia Street Eviction Scandal

Paschal Donohoe’s ex-driver and Fine Gael constituency organiser evicts tenants and buys repossessed vulture fund properties for Prussia Street landlord – 13 Nov 2021

Attempted eviction on Prussia Street relied on court order that expired three years ago – 9 Nov 2021

Developer behind Dublin 7 eviction is convicted fraudster with history of unlawful evictions and overcharging rent – 29 Oct 2021

New owner and tenants have been forced out of Dublin property, court told – 30 Jan 2019

ESB defrauder ordered to pay £30,000 to St V de P – 6 Nov 1996


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Paschal Donohoe’s war on alternative health supplies

Minister Paschal Donoghue defends VAT hike on food supplements – 23 Jan 2019

The rich would not be affected, once again just a blow to the lower income earners in the area of health. Tax change could mean €6 rise in cost of food supplements – 20 July 2019.

Health stores angry at VAT crackdown on food supplements – 19 Nov 2018

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