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Latest News on the bailout, and the ongoing consequences:

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A €210,000,000,000 Debt Bomb – The True Cost Of Gombeen Capitalism – 4 Oct 2019

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ECB pushed Ireland into bailout, Eamon Ryan says – 4 May 2015

Thank the brave Brian Lenihan when we exit the bailout next month – A  piece for the Examiner by…. VICTORIA WHITE who just happens to be Eamon Ryan’s WIFE – 21 Nov 2013

Ireland works on bailout as protestors take to the streets –  28 Nov 2010

Ireland banks bailout expected within days – Eamon Ryan, a junior minister in the coalition government told Reuters it is ‘important to get the terms and conditions right.’ – 18 Nov 2010

Ireland’s bank bailout tries taxpayers – 30 Sept 2010

Govt ‘had to act to tackle banking crisis’: Eamon Ryan – 24 May 2010

Cancel the Bank Guarantee or Cancel Ireland – May 2010

Ryan defends economic policies – 24 May 2010

Ryan: Save Anglo or Leave the Euro – March 2010

Green Party Minister Eamon Ryan insisted that the State will not overpay for toxic assets when the National Asset Management Agency is established. – 26 Aug 2009


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