Eamon Ryan TD – Irish Cycling Safaris Ltd.

So – Fianna Fail & Fine Gael effectively agreed to spend €360m of public money, per year on Eamon Ryan’s whims – contributing to the business sector in which Eamon Ryan’s family operates.  He founded Irish Cycling Safaris Ltd, which is now run by his sister and her husband – nice one!  Public money bartered for power and killing more than one bird with the same stone.


Latest News

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Eamon Ryan: Government will spend €1 million a day on walking and cycling – Imagine what you could if you spent €1 million a day on health care and hospital services ….  Imagine what you could do if essential cancer and health services were not shut down in 2020/21 – 3 Oct 2020

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PAPER PROPHET Eamon Ryan – 17 Dec 2006


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