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The Very Odd Tale of Richard O’Halloran – In Feb 2021 Simon Coveney asked Brian Cowen to cancel a proposed discussion in the Irish Seanad to examine Richard’s case…now why would he do that? 

Richard O’Halloran’s mother, Catherine is the niece of the late Taoiseach,  Garrett FitzGerald.  Her Grandfather, Desmond FitzGerald was the first Minister for Foreign Affairs in the newly formed Irish Free State in 1922.  A relationship that makes the tardiness of Simon Coveney and the Irish Government all the more baffling – don’t they want him home – for some reason?

Coveney obsesses over middle east while Ireland hit by cyber attacks – 19 May 2021

Simon Coveney on the Middle East:

Irish ambassador summoned to Israeli foreign ministry over Coveney comments – unaware how many Irish citizens are applying his words to his own gvt actions. – 12  May 2021

Does the man even know what is coming out of his mouth?  “The right to peaceful freedom of assembly is non-negotiable”  (Is Simon Coveney a Minister of a government who has been denying that right to Irish citizens – or not?


An Taisce has concerns – but where are the Greens?  And what’s up with the other people trying to railroad An Taisce?

An Taisce criticsed over €140m cheese plant appeal – Fine Gael TDs Charlie Flanagan, Paul Kehoe, John Paul Phelan and David Stanton – who are all former ministers or ministers of state – and Senators Garret Ahearn and John Cummins released a statement calling on An Taisce to withdraw its appeal. –  9 May 2021

An Taisce action on Kilkenny cheese factory planning decision – 12 May 2021

Two TDs John Paul Phelan and Jackie Cahill who criticised An Taisce objections have shares in Glanbia  –  14 May 2021

Simon Coveney’s brother, Patrick, is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Greencore Group plc, a leading convenience foods manufacturer. Prior to becoming CEO of Greencore, Before he joined Greencore, Patrick was Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company in Ireland.  Patrick was appointed to the Board of Glanbia in Dec 2020


Lockdown will go ‘well into February’, Coveney tells Fine Gael parliamentary party – 20 Jan 2021

Debunked: No, there wasn’t a media blackout on Simon Coveney’s official visit to Turkey last month – This is a ridiculous article because by trying to detail the few times and places that the trip was reported the article further clarifies there was no reporting of any value on RTE or any mainstream Irish media. – 5 Feb 2021

Simon Coveney & the establishment want to ban any voices of dissent from any issue that they raise’ – 16 Sept 2020

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Goldman Sachs Peter Sutherland & Simon Coveney Confronted at Bilderberg Summit – 2 June 2014

This minister is heading to the secretive Bilderberg summit – but in a ‘private capacity’ – 28 May 2014

Bilderberg Participants – wikipedia

Larry Goodman – the ghost who just won’t leave

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