John Paul Phelan TD


John Paul Phelan kept his word – he didn’t vote for it – BUT HE DIDN’T VOTE AGAINST IT EITHER!  Listen to this pathetic speech.  He’s concerned that the under 18’s have been exempt from the need to produce vac passport for indoor dining!  Well, at least now we know.  He is one of the few idiots to come out so clearly in support of Stephen Donnelly’s draconian measures and actually state he thinks they are not strong enough!

Deputy John Paul Phelan- speech from 14 Jul 2021

“The Kilkenny TD John Paul Phelan also said he would not vote for any measure.”  He said he will not vote for vaccine pass or lockdown in Dáil.  He also said the announcement and subsequent media interviews were “car-crash stuff”. He said he felt embarrassed by the Government decision on Tuesday and would not be voting for it. – (he hasn’t voted once since Sept 2020 on matters of crucial importance to his electorate.  We are to believe he will vote against the party line now?) – 30 June 2021

John Paul Phelan did not vote once in the Dail since Sept 2020.  He had cancer – yes.  However, his job is supposed to be one of the most important in the country.  Every TD’s vote on every issue impacts the country.  He should have resigned his post if unable to carry out what he was elected to do.


Cheese Plant Row

An Taisce criticsed over €140m cheese plant appeal – Fine Gael TDs Charlie Flanagan, Paul Kehoe, John Paul Phelan and David Stanton – who are all former ministers or ministers of state – and Senators Garret Ahearn and John Cummins released a statement calling on An Taisce to withdraw its appeal. –  9 May 2021

An Taisce action on Kilkenny cheese factory planning decision – 12 May 2021

Two TDs John Paul Phelan and Jackie Cahill who criticised An Taisce objections have shares in Glanbia  –  14 May 2021

Simon Coveney’s brother, Patrick, is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Greencore Group plc, a leading convenience foods manufacturer. Prior to becoming CEO of Greencore, Before he joined Greencore, Patrick was Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company in Ireland.  Patrick was appointed to the Board of Glanbia in Dec 2020


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