John McGuinness TD

‘I was just shocked’ – John McGuinness criticises Stephen Donnelly for ‘bad management’ – 30  June 2021

John: “They should have known it and they should have been planning far in advance of the announcement.”

Answer:  They did know, all the “conspiracy theorists” knew this was coming.  Time to stop talking about the “variants”,  and focus on WHY NPHET and Gvt doing this.  Who is benefitting?

One observation:

John is shocked because Donnelly did not have advance conversations with the hospitality sector – how many conversations has he had?

John says “look all over Europe”.  “We have not been party to the modelling etc”  Does he not have the wits to do his own investigations?  Why is he not looking all over the world?  Why has he not had conversations with the dissenting scientific experts – we all know who they are.  Why is John not having conversations about the censorship on those providing alternative analyses than the gvt?

John says that everyone outside of cabinet has been “kept out of the loop” and given no information.  He is only aware of this now?  Where has he been for the last year?

Finally – bottom line – John is also pushing the vaccine in this interview.  WHY?  Is he not aware of all the deaths and injuries worldwide from the vaccines?  He wants to know why we don’t have 80% plus of the population vaccinated by now – he thinks that is down to gvt inefficiency – could it possibly be down to informed consent by dissenters?

John McGuinness’ son Andrew is a councillor – does John expect Andrew to sail into his shoes in Leinster House as is traditional in Ireland?  John McGuinness is on the wrong side of this war.

It is more than a little ironic that John McGuinness should come straight out and accuse Stephen Donnelly of bad management…and I am not sure what it says for international management companies.  After all Stephen Donnelly is one of the jewels in the crown of the McKinsey Co. who sent him as advisor to Boris Johnson and paid for some of his expenses at a famous american college.  On the other hand McKinsey has been at the heart of almost every major disaster since whenever…

McKinsey & Company does not have the best reputation – or rather it does have a reputation for their consultants being at the heart of way too many financial and global disasters to keep track of.

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And then there is John’s criticism of the government communications.  The government employed Teneo (founded and managed by Declan Kelly, brother to Alan Kelly – leader of the Irish Labour Party) to tell them how to communicate better.  At least that is what is said on the surface.  But perhaps between Donnelly and Teneo we are actually being steered into the greatest disaster in Ireland, in terms of human misery, since the Great Famine?  Teneo seems to be modeled pretty much on the McKinsey model and turns clients into freelance advisors in the name of Teneo.  Their associate list of advisors reads like the “who’s who in the world of the Elite”.

At the end of the day it is difficult to figure out where John McGuinness is going with all this.  Will he do the right thing?

John McGuinness voted ONCE to restrict our freedoms between Sept 2020 to May 2021.  On the 9 other occasions when he could have voted for our freedom he DID NOT VOTE.

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Are you thinking something is not quite right?