Mother & Babies Scandal

Bottom line here is that the reports are buried, abusers protected and victims demoralised – because the abusers go all the way to the highest offices in the land – indeed the world.

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So they know it all … but what are they doing with the information?  Nothing.  Perpetrators are still free and reports are buried.  How data analytics revealed new insights in Ryan report on child abuse (who can tell us?  Stephen Donnelly’s wife – Susan Leavy) – 6 Sept 2018

We need more than a plaque to mark Ireland’s history of cruelty – 14 April 2018

Peter Mulryan demands answers to what happened to his sister in Tuam  – 11 March 2017

‘We took their babies and gifted them, sold them, trafficked them and starved them’ Enda Kenny 2017

Tuam and Ireland’s shame: unedited interview with Catherine Corless – June 2014

Are you thinking something is not quite right?