Ireland – where only the poor can have alcohol problems


Intro to this page: Ireland – Alcohol Problem – Only for the Working Class

Case in Point: Only the less well off can have alcohol related problems therefore the way to solve this “problem” is to put it out of their reach – price it out of their reach.  Never mind addressing the economic and social problems bringing about these problems in the first place.  Many of our rules, regulations and laws are the root of most of Ireland’s problems.  There is effort ongoing to implement this throughout the EU – odd how the same agendas are pushed across the world….


Alcohol price cap: ‘Crossing the Border to shop could be a hammer blow’ – Shopkeepers fear cheaper prices in North will lure away their regular customers -and that would suit the Republic of Ireland government who appear hell-bent on destroying all small business. – 5 Jan 2022

Northern off-licences expecting ‘influx’ of sales from Republic due to minimum unit pricing – 5 Jan 2022

Minimum unit pricing on alcohol ‘right course of action’ says Cork TD Thomas Gould – Fine Gael Cork County Councillor and owner of the Carry Out Off Licence on Emmet Street in Fermoy, Noel McCarthy, also spoke in favour of the measure. –  4 Jan 2022

Former Fine Gael TD Noel Rock, an opponent of MUP, says the move will affect working-class people hardest. – 3 Jan 2022

  • “It strikes me as being middle-class guilt with working-class consequences,” he said.
  • “Alcoholism and abuse of alcohol can happen just as easily to someone on a salary of €80,000, €90,000 or €100,000 as it can to someone on the average wage or below it.
  • “The aforementioned middle-class guilt, combined with the desire to be seen to do something — anything — comes at the expense of those who work hard, already pay taxes in abundance and drink modestly.”

Hotel, holidays, week-end breaks and now alcohol sales being pushed from the Republic of Ireland across the Border… one might suspect the Irish Gvt works for the Queen of England.

Fool me once….. for now, as the new minimum unit pricing is not a tax,  Vincent Jennings, chief executive of the Convenience Stores and Newsagents Association, speaking on RTE’s Today programme with Philip Boucher-Hayes, confirmed that shops will get to retain the extra profit on alcohol sold.   Watch this space and lets see how long before that position changes.  By allowing this the gvt are ensuring a quiet compliance from the retailers.  – 31 Dec 2021

Minister of Health Donnelly, Minister of State Feighan and Tánaiste Varadkar mark decision to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing of Alcohol – 5 May 2021

Ireland’s Cabinet signs off on plans to introduce minimum unit price for alcohol – The Cabinet has signed off on a plan by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol products. –  4 May 2021

Alcohol Bill devoid of key expert group recommendations – 25 Sept 2018

Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 – The Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 legislates for alcohol from a public health perspective.  It took two years but this gets around the EU Ruling mention hereunder.

EU ruling means that minimum pricing for alcohol might not be introduced in Ireland – This could come as a big blow to Leo Varadkar’s plans for alcohol pricing in Ireland.  According to The Guardian, judges in Luxembourg ruled that the policy is in breach of EU free trade laws and could only be justified on health grounds (fast forward to 2022) under EU law if it was more proportionate and effective than using general taxation. – 2016

TDs propose banning alcohol sales in supermarkets, c-stores and filling stations – Jerry Buttimer TD. – 15 Feb 2012

Are you thinking something is not quite right?