Cervical Smear Scandal – Ireland

Tony Holohan – Simon Harris – Leo Varadkar – Micheal Martin

Here is a question to keep at the back of your mind….. we might understand one test for a woman, or even multiple women, being read incorrectly.  But, more than one test for more than one woman? That might be more than a co-incidence.  If it is – could it possibly have been a clinical trial, without the knowledge or consent of the participating victims?  Just a question.  If so, are there any common denominators?

The CervicalCheck controversy: How a vital cancer screening service is fighting to regain the trust of women – 25 Feb 2021

Gabriel Scally not asked to step down from CervicalCheck role by Donnelly – as the saying goes “You just could not make this shit up!”  A Hollywood movie would not have as much skullduggery going on behind the scenes as the Irish Cervical Smear debacle has! 25 Feb 2021

Taoiseach to ‘check out’ why Dr Gabriel Scally is no longer overseeing CervicalCheck plan –  24 Feb 2021

Shock as Government ‘dumps’ Dr Gabriel Scally from process to fix CervicalCheck  – 24 Feb 2021

Scoping Inquiry into the Cervical Check Screening Programme – Dr. Gabriel Scally

Retired nurse who sued HSE over cervical smear tests dies -Joan Lucey was ‘a good lady and touched the lives of many for the good’ – 20 Feb 2021

Case of terminally ill woman with cervical cancer to be mediated – 19 Feb 2021

The death has occurred of Dr. Emer HOLOHAN (née Feely) – 19 Feb 2021

HSE and labs commit to mediation talks with dying Kerry woman in CervicalCheck case – 15 Feb 2021

CervicalCheck Scandal: Joan Lucey, a nurse from Dingle with terminal cancer begs HSE for mediation talks before she dies – 15 Feb 2021

Tony Holohan offers sympathy but no apology to women affected by CervicalCheck controversy – VIDEO – 4 Feb 2021

Woman focusing on ‘fight to stay alive’ settles smear test case – 3 Feb 2021

Lynsey Bennett, who has two young daughters, had four smear tests between 2010 and 2016, but each time was told they were negative

Judge denies US lab permission to remove original markings from cervical smear slides – 19 Jan 2021

Taoiseach to ‘further engage’ on CervicalCheck tribunal after campaigners quit talks – 22 Nov 2020

CervicalCheck Tribunal is just as ‘adversarial’ and offers ‘no advantage’ over High Court, says Vicky Phelan – 22 Nov 2020

CervicalCheck support group tells government ‘time is up’ to discuss proposed tribunal – 18 Nov 2020

Shocking cancer scandal that was brought to light by brave victims – 21 July 2020

‘It’s too late for an apology’ as Ruth Morrissey loses cancer battle – 20 July 2020

Holohan is no hero after the cervical smear Massacre! – 16 July 2020

Irish Supreme Court upholds win for woman (Ruth Morrissey) whose cervical cancer was missed – 24 March 2020

The CervicalCheck Scandal – A Legal Analysis

Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health.  Opening Statement Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health – 18 Dec 2019

UK doctors’ review of CervicalCheck scandal finds 159 ‘missed opportunities’ to prevent or diagnose cancer in some Irish women – 3 Dec 2019

Simon Harris ‘not sure actually’ if deceit over Cervical Check scandal was deliberate – 23 Oct 2019

Cervical Check: Leo Varadkar offers state apology to 1,000 women – 22 Oct 2019

CervicalCheck laboratory MedLab sees profits fall but revenue rise – 14 Oct 2019

A scandal over cervical checks is a sign of a bigger problem in Ireland – 5 Oct 2019

There are calls on the Department of Health to explain how it treated a Cervical Check patient advocate Lorraine Walsh. – 23 Aug 2019

Treatment of leading patient advocate ‘appalling’ – Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan accused Lorraine Walsh of making a ‘defamatory and untrue’ statement. – 23 Aug 2019

Women affected by cervical cancer scandal to receive 20,000 euro payments – 18 June 2019

Court cases, a smear test backlog and now an ‘IT issue’ – 15 months of the CervicalCheck scandal – 17 June 2019

Quest Diagnostics, the US laboratory found to have negligently read terminally ill Ruth Morrissey’s CervicalCheck smear test, is planning to appeal a compensation judgment handed down by Ireland’s High Court. – 10 May 2019

Top medic Tony Holohan advised against Cervical Check review – 11 April 2019

Ruth Morrissey case: Laboratory withdraws screeners of 2012 smear slide as witnesses – 21 March 2019

The Irish mother who exposed a cervical cancer scandal – 7 Dec 2018

Irish smear scandal: 86,000-plus awaiting repeat test results – 18 Oct 2018

Cancer questions that remain over CervicalCheck scandal – 11 Oct 2018

Kerry mother-of-five Emma Mhic Mhathúna is one of 20 Irish women to lose her life due to incorrect smear test results handed down by the Irish government. – 10 Oct 2018

Ruth Morrissey’s situation ‘more hopeful’ as doctors plan course of radical radiotherapy –  31 July 2018

Emma Mhic Mhathúna took out loan while awaiting compensation – 9 July 2018

Several of Emma Mhic Mhathúna’s smear tests were misread and she later received a cancer disgnosis. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Woman (Emma Mhic Mhathuna) Gets $8.74M in Irish Cervical Cancer Screening Scandal – 3 July 2018

Lab companies Quest and CPL at center of lawsuits in Ireland over missed cervical cancer diagnoses -29 June 2018

Irish cervical check scandal: Mother settles case for €7.5m – 29 June 2018

CervicalCheck Scandal: Chief medical officer defies calls to step down from position – “Answering questions from Sinn Féin’s David Cullinane, Dr Holohan claimed that he would not be doing his job if he had informed the ministers. – ?????  – 18 May 2018

State’s chief medical officer knew of Cervical Check ‘damning memo’ in 2016 – 16 May 2018

US lab involved in cervical cancer smear tests scandal threatened legal action against HSE – 16 May 2018

US firm at centre of cancer-screening scandal refuses comment – 1 May 2018

Cervical Check scandal: What is it all about? – 1 May 2018

New lab that deals with cervical and bowel screening results officially opens todayMedLab Pathology, based in Sandyford, has been awarded 50 per cent of the contract for the CervicalCheck programme and will also work with the State’s BowelScreen programme. – 22 April 2013

Brian Madden – MedLab
Eamonn Madden – MedLab

How is it that that someone like Tony Holohan – so “in the know” and involved in cancer ….. could appear to be oblivious to what was going on and so unsympathetic?  Very, very odd indeed.

Eurochip Progress Report  – 2006

Membership of the Second National Cancer Forum – Tony Holohan and wife Emer Feely – 2006

Are you thinking something is not quite right?