Orla Hegarty – the problem

Orla Hegarty was appointed to  NPHET at some stage in 2020 but resigned in the summer of 2021 because nobody was taking any notice of her.

Now, the thing about Orla – or should I say Orla’s hobby horse is ventilation.  Great.  We all know instinctively that clean air makes senses for good health.  We all know about ventilation, air filters etc. etc.  All makes perfect sense.

The problem with Orla is that she appears to have developed tunnel vision around ventilation which has also morphed into obsessions around masking and social distancing.  So distorted has her thinking become in all this that she no longer has time in her mind or sermons for some other facts:

  • quality of life for those currently alive
  • mental health of children, adults or elderly
  • the importance of improving and aiding our natural immune systems

The problem with Orla and other tunnel vision “Experts” is that they would have us all isolated and masked to the extent they are now willing to force inject the entire population (so what if some of us die or are injured from side-effects) and imprison us until such time as they, in their wisdom figure out the impossible – how to eradicate covid.

WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH COVID AND EVERY VARIANT THAT SPINS OFF IT.  Yes, it will be a form of “survival of the fittest” but at least in living with covid we all have a fighting chance.  As it currently stands none of us has a chance.  We are more in danger from the bureaucrats and people like Orla, than we are from Covid.

Before all this came along there was a huge body of science teaching about the importance of family, friendship, love, bonding, affection, showing affection, touch, personal fulfilment, happiness, hobbies, keeping fit, exercising, team work, mental stimulation, balance,  being able to relax, being stress-free, sense of achievement, being neighbourly, empathy, sympathy, caring for others and much more.


Along comes covid and international governments do everything they can possibly dream of to nullify, ban, forbid everything that heretofore was proven to benefit our natural immune systems, holistic health and well-being.  As well as destroy our sense of community, culture and traditions.

People like Orla have just lost the plot – maybe it has something to do with having been, at some stage, acknowledged as an “Expert”  Orla, mistakenly believed that when she spoke to the Oireachtas that they would automatically take her expert advice.  When they didn’t, she choose to resign from NPHET.

Orla didn’t realise that gvt and NPHET do not have our well-being as their guiding star.  They appear to be working diligently on the opposite – thereby suggesting they have another Agenda in line with other world governments.

I am sure that HEPA filters in every classroom would be a great idea and of help in providing clean air.  The fact that is not happening should be a wake up call for Orla.  If she got the wake up call she might take another think about her obsession with masks and the dangers to children – hell any idiot should automatically know those dangers from simple oxygen intake reduction to sore mouths/noses to mental difficulties.  As for isolation…. not going to say any more.

The problem with Orla is she is no longer looking at people as individual human beings with needs and desires which if not met will result in quick demise and early death.  She sees us as widgets, objects, to be moved around and controlled,  who cannot think or decide for ourselves so people like her must make rules and force us to obey them.

There may be one other problem with Orla.  It just niggled me when she said covid gives us an opportunity…. other undesirables are also saying they should use covid to usher in the fourth industrial revolution, new world order, cashless society and some other nightmares.  So, when people use similar phrases my ears pick up and so does the hair on the back of my neck!  Maybe Orla has other opportunities in mind – I don’t know.

Are you thinking something is not quite right?