Medical Cannabis

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This is how an arrogant and heartless sociopathic posh-boy answers a question in regards to the family of a young girl (who has a chronic illness) who can’t afford to pay for her essential medicinal cannabis in her own home country of Ireland – 10 Aug 2021

‘€9.5k burden is too much to bear’ — Family wants cost of epileptic daughter’s medicine paid at source – A family of a sick child should not be constantly put through this by the state. – 13 April 2021

Vera Twomey is a mother of four who came to national and international prominence when she highlighted the need for immediate access to medical cannabis for her daughter Ava Barry.

Vera’s journey has taken her to The House of Commons and European Parliment as well as The Dail and she is regularly invited to tell her inspirational story at conferences and events in Ireland and abroad.

Her determination struck a chord with the general public in Ireland and there was an outcry of support for this remarkable woman. Vera Twomey represents the absolute essence of a mother’s love for her child. The lengths that she went to to secure the only medication proven to help her daughter, inspired a nation.

The link to Vera’s 2020  interview would be of good help for those wanting to apply for a licence for medical cannabis as they had a good chat about the process on Clare FM

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