Ireland’s Health Scandals

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The Irish must go down in history as the most willingly conned and downtrodden citizens in the EU or Western World.  We tolerate absolutely everything.  I wonder what previous generations would think of us.  They fought against foreign oppression but we lie down and take even greater shit from our own – at least some of them are supposed to be our own!

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Alan Kelly T.D. – PPE Gear Contract   

Askeaton Poisoning – When People are Forgotten

Broken Ventilators – Roqu – Robert Quirke – Martin Curley   

Cervical Smear Scandal

Eamonn Ryan T.D and Medmark   

HSE (Health Services Executive) -Ireland

Independent Scientific Advocacy Group – ISAG

Jennifer Carroll MacNeill T.D, the HSE and CPL   

Mandatory Vaccinations & Elderly Abuse

Medical Cannabis

New Children’s Hospital & other Hospitals

Portlaoise Baby Deaths

Robert Watt’s Appointment & €81,000 salary increase

Tuam Mother & Baby Homes


Stephen Donnelly, Minister for Health – wikipedia

Stephen Donnelly TD eaten alive by Vincent Browne last night over joining Fianna Fail – 7 April 2017

Tony Holohan – CMO at Dept Health


Micheal Martin caught out again, the HSE and how many TDs are millionaires? – 11 Oct 2020


Years on waiting list: ‘My son’s in pain; my heart’s broken’ – 13 Sept 2021

Ireland is an oppressive society – 4 Feb 2021



HSE admits in writing it can find no evidence that the coronavirus exists…. anywhere…. 23 Dec 2020

SINCE FEB 2020 to 11 Dec 2020 on the Government CSO website as follows:
Total Deaths confirmed tested positive for covid = 1862
Out of 1862 deaths 1739 had UNDERLYING conditions
Out of 1862 deaths 50 FIFTY had NO UNDERLYING conditions.
Out of 1862 deaths 73 are as yet unspecified.
Out of 1862 deaths 7 were HEALTH WORKERS
Out of 1862 deaths 1780 were NOT health workers
Out of 1862 deaths 75 were not specified health workers or not.
Out of 1862 deaths 0 were in the 0 – 24 Age bracket = ZERO
Out of 1862 deaths 17 were in the 25 – 44 Age bracket.
Out of 1862 deaths 114 were in the 45 – 65 Age bracket
Out of 1862 deaths 532 were in the 66 – 79 Age bracket
Out of 1862 deaths 1197 were over 80 years of age.
Are you sitting at home listening to the following CASE numbers – meaning people tested positive when their samples went through 45 – 60 cycles BUT the max recommended test cycle is 35. After that we get FALSE POSITIVES. Asymptomatic people are people with no symptoms and probably have shit all wrong with them. But gvt would like to keep the lock down going using false positives.
CASES not DEATHS (read the words) reported several times a day on RTE to frighten you out of your wits – apparently working exceedingly well are as follows
Positive CASES =76,279 CASES not DEATHS from Feb to 11 DEC.
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 19653 had underlying conditions
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 44,349 had NO underlying conditions
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 12,277 were not specified with or without underlying conditions.
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 12,485 were health care workers
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 54,180 were NOT health care workers
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 9,614 occupation not specified
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 7,136 were age 0 – 14
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 13,266 were age 15 – 24
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 24,762 were age 25 – 44
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 19,610 were age 45 – 65
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 6,166 were age 66 – 75
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 5,311 were over 80 years of age
Out of 76,279 Positive Tested CASES 28 were not age specific.
Full breakdown and further analyses on the IRISH GOVERNMENT Central Statistics Office site here
Snap out of your daze and wake up before there are no jobs left to go to, No small business open. No pubs or restaurants apart from those in the big hotels. Then the gvt cuts the payments you are currently receiving. What then? Food producers are being shut down. 3,000 people have already had serious adverse reactions worldwide to the vaccine. Start looking at who is getting all the contracts for PPE gear, etc etc. It amounts to MILLIONS of Euros going to …. who do you think? How are Irish politicians millionaires? But if you are happy to lose everything and let them keep creaming off the top of the money pyramid – go back sleep.

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina rules that the measure of restricted movement and wearing of masks during a coronavirus pandemic is a violation of basic human rights.  – 26 Dec 2020

First face mask discrimination case nets £7,000 – Dec 2020

People who arrived in Ireland from Britain since 8 December under ‘enhanced surveillance’ – Lies, Lies and horseshit.  The new strain was actually discovered last April.  As for surveillance and contact tracing of people arriving in the country – that’s a laugh.  It doesn’t exist and whatever funds funds from the Irish treasury are allocated for it is just money laundering via buddies in companies involved.  – 23 Dec 2020

Mutated Covid-19 strain was found last April, say scientists – 21 Dec 2020

Operator rejects claims by Dr Tony Holohan that car parks are full – 23 Nov 2020

Timeline: NPHET Level 5 recommendation – who knew what and when? – 8 Oct 2020

Corona Psychosis: Leo Varadkar Claire Byrne Show – 6 Oct 2020

BRIBED TO LOCKDOWN?:  When it was revealed on 29 July 2020 that the World Bank Offered Belarus $940 Million Coronavirus Loan But Only If They Locked Down and Destroyed Economy it brought into question whether other countries had been offered similar incentives to lock down.

FOOD SHORTAGES:  Eamonn Ryan, Leader of the Irish Green Party and member of the gvt has a great solution to any possible future food shortages plant a few salad seeds on a south facing window.…..seriously?  Member of Irish Parliament?  15 Dec 2020

The HSE, Mass Immigration and the Abuse of Workers

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Dr Fauci admits PCR is useless if you use more than 35 cycles when testing for Covid (UK uses 45 Ireland uses up to 60) -14 Jan 2021


Fine Gael TDs and Senators criticise handling of student nurses pay saying it portrayed party as ‘callous’ – 9 Dec 2020

No pay for student nurses but a HUGE increase for JUDGES!! – 8 Dec 2020


Ban on Alcohol:  Suspicion growing among politicians that COVID used for ‘prohibition by stealth’ – 6 Sept 2020

Ireland didn’t apply for EU covid payments due to late government formation – 25 Aug 2020

Remember this in the UK 14 May 2020 but then both governments went in the opposite direction- why?  He was right – wasn’ t he?


HSE’s ‘At home abortions’ makes mockery of Government’s empty care rhetoric – April 2020


Patient advocate Mark Molloy resigns from HSE Board – July 2020

Parents Of Children With Special Needs Protest HSE – 16 May 2018

Covid – Treatments and Preventatives

Covid – Follow the Money

Covid – Scamdemic

Covid – Lawsuits

Covid – Experts incl the WHO against Lockdown

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