FAS – Expenses Scandal


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That Fás ‘slush fund’ – 9 July 2010

FAS probes of senior staff to cost €150,000 – Fás has hired another consultant to conduct a ‘counter’-investigation into the misconduct of around 12 senior managers in the agency, including Craig.  15 Aug 2010

And after the Mary Harney and Rody Molloy scandals we get this “FAS spent €30,000 to video US astronaut’s Irish visit” – 30 Nov 2008

A Public Accounts Committee report on the affair was released on 19 February 2009. It found that proper procurement protocols were not adhered to and standard foreign travel policy was not abided by FÁS, resulting in a loss to the Exchequer. – FÁS did not follow protocol, policies – report

  • It found that FÁS should not have paid for flights of former board members, journalists and spouses of executives, whilst costs in respect of ministers and civil servants should have been borne by the department.[27]

The report said FÁS’s expenditure of €35 million on advertising between 2003 and 2007 was carried out in “an unorthodox fashion from a procurement perspective”.[27]

In the article about Mary Harney – sky-high cost of FAS Florida trip the following was revealed.

  • Also yesterday, the Public Accounts Committee heard incoming GAA president Christy Cooney was part of an interview panel which recommended a controversial FAS executive Greg Craig, for a promotion this year.
  • Cooney faced the public accounts committee regarding €643,000 spent on foreign travel by FÁS executives as well as spending irregularities identified in FÁS’s €9m annual advertising budget
  • The executive, corporate affairs manager Greg Craig, had been disciplined by the agency after an internal audit revealed a series of spending irregularities in his department.
  • Greg went on sick leave last June, and he was officially suspended on full pay this week (28 Nov 2008) after further information of “concern” came to light.
  • The committee heard the FAS credit card of former director general Rody Molloy was cancelled yesterday.
  • RodyMolloy had spent €27,000 on it in 2005, €6,000 in 2006 and €118,000 in 2007, mainly to cover the cost of hotels and air flights while on official business.
  • Mr Cooney said the practice of senior FAS executives booking first class or business class flights went back to the “early 1990s”.

Are you thinking something is not quite right?