Local Property Tax

First off – including the word “Local” in this TAX is a lie.  On the books the money raised can easily be written under a column showing it is allocated to the Local Authority.  But in reality the government will simply deduct the same amount in another column.

This is NOT a PROPERTY TAX – it is a TAX ON YOUR HOME, if you had the good fortune to be able to buy or take out a mortgage to buy it.  It is not a tax on the property of the rich.  It is not a tax on a second property.  It is not a wealth tax.

Minister will propose vacant property tax if there is ‘solid basis’ in data – Translate as “if there is enough of them to bring in a sizeable amount of cash AND it doesn’t impact our property tycoons too badly – 16 July 2021

Property tax exemption for mica homeowners will last six years, says Donohoe – This is a real slap in the face to the people affected by the Mica Scandal because their houses are literally crumbling to dust – 7 July 2021

Finance Minister wants data on empty homes to consider new vacant property tax – 7 July 2021

Local Property Tax: Urban homeowners to keep funding rural areas for two years – 17 June 2021

Sheds, extensions, driveways and big gardens will add up to higher Local Property Tax bill  – 4 June 2021

Some homeowners with €1m houses could end up paying less property tax, Leo Varadkar tells Fine Gael meeting – Not sure if this is supposed to be a carrot to some sector.  If you have a home worth more than €1 million you have an income to match it.  But I guess Leo could be putting his foot in his mouth again. – 2 June 2021

Paschal Donohoe sparks backlash as he seeks to avoid scrutiny of property tax changes – 2 June 2021

Revealed: what you will pay in Local Property Tax under new hikes – 2 June 2021

Property tax will be reviewed every four years under overhaul – 2 June 2021

Local Property Tax to apply to homes built since 2013 – This is only the beginning of many tax hikes and the introduction of new taxes in gvt efforts to continue the banks bail out AND now the covid spending spree that bought our silence. – 1 June 2021

Warned over financial cost of Covid restrictions – if you are wondering who is going to pay the €4.7 Billion…. we are, and the HOME TAX is just one needle they will use to suck the last cent out of us – 8 Feb 2021

Donohoe said delay to local property tax reform was ‘untenable’ before deferring itMinister for Finance Paschal Donohoe told officials in June that local property tax (LPT) needed to be reformed and that it was “untenable” to allow so many houses, including those built since 2013, to continue avoiding having to pay.  “The Minister for Finance has announced that he will advance legislative proposals early in 2021 to implement the LPT commitments in the Programme for Government. These commitments include bringing new homes, which are currently exempt from the LPT or outside of the tax, into the taxation system.” – 23 Oct 2020


In 2012 FF leader Micheal Martin disagreed with introducing it in 2013 but only because he could not see it raising €500 million THAT YEAR because there was only half a year left and the HOME OWNERS would not be paying the full year’s tax.

LOCAL PROPERTY TAX is a tax on your home as part of an agreement made to BAIL OUT THE BANKS.

LOCAL PROPERTY TAX became a reality because we were not paying attention.  ARE we paying attention NOW?  Is the average home owner better or worse off now in 2021 than in 2012?  How many are in mortgage arrears?  How many are having homes repossessed?  There is NO lower limit exemption.  There is no exemption if you are unemployed, on a pension or disabled.

FF leader Micheál Martin acknowledged that a property tax was part of the agreement with the Troika. – 10 Oct 2012

Property Tax: Where do the political parties stand? – Have a good read of this and take careful note of all the figures Micheal Martin was in possession of in 2012.  He has the updated figures now but his Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe is going ahead –   Note where everyone stood. –   All the politicians talk, do any head up a real protest or opposition to ANYTHING in our interests?  Their actions and words are only tokens to appease and fool us. – 7 Oct 2012

Are you thinking something is not quite right?