Ireland’s Land Grab & Housing Problem

Will loosing property rights wake people up to what is taking place.  Probably not it wasn’t on RTE yet, so they must wait to be told how to react


Housing – A Banker Speaks Out – Liam Deegan

Dr Rory Hearne: It’s simple – the Government favours landlords and investors over renters“A tenant in Ireland pays more tax on their income than the multi-billion investor fund taking the tenant’s rent. The tax injustice between renters & Real Estate Investment Trusts is Dickensian in its inequality” – 25 Sept 2021

“Housing For All’ OR re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic – 4 Sept 2021

Government’s new ‘Housing For All’ plan delayed until at least the end of August – 23 July 2021


Dáil passes amendment allowing cuckoo funds to avoid 10% stamp duty – 9 July 2021

Global property investment firm buys most of 170-home estate in Kildare – Round Hill Capital to put 135 houses at Mullen Park in Maynooth on rental market after deal believed to be worth €54 million – 2 May 2021

Fair Deal scheme overhaul could cut costs associated with housing homeless – Willie O’Dea wants to move us one step closer to owning nothing, starting with the elderly – while his own property situation…… well, check it out… 28 April 2021

Catherine Connolly TD: Public Housing on Public Land – 11 March 2021

Concerns over Land Development Agency Bill 2021 – 10 March 2021

Centre Ground Ep.20 – The hidden giveaway of our remaining state assets – 3 March 2021

Land Development Agency Bill ‘another Nama scandal waiting to happen’ – 16 Feb 2021

Land Development Agency Bill 2021

“What planet are you living on?” Pearse Doherty challenges Leo Varadkar over house prices – 28 Jan 2021

European Commission to examine Land Development Agency – 12 Nov 2019

Trying to own your own home, but it seems more and more out of your reach?

Ronan plans to sell €960,000 apartment to council for social housing – Developer places €66.69m price tag on 101 units at new Dublin scheme – instead of allowing County Councils and City Councils to build social housing which would cost much less.  You might want to ask who is getting these units too.  Irish on the housing lists or ?  – 5 Feb 2021

  • Minister for Justice Helen McEntee tests positive for Covid-19 – The question Ben Gilroy posed in relation to this article was “How come?  Has she not been wearing a mask and social distancing?”  By the way she still hasn’t answered Ben’s letter –  6 Jan 2021
  • Ben Gilroy writes an open letter to the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee, and others – 8 Dec 2020

Ben Gilroy explaining what is happening with farmers and others who are having their property sold and they knew nothing about it. – 5 Dec 2020

“I do not see how a sale of a farm or a business could occur if there had not already been repossession hearings in a court, because that would have to happen first” Leo Varadkar – 5 Dec 2020

TD Noel Rock learns how many on the Fingal housing list are not Irish citizens – 17 Nov 2020

Leo Varadkar: ‘No change to Marts business‘ – 4 Nov 2020

It advises me that I should get rid of all my cows’ – suckler and sheep farmer – 7 Sept 2020

Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, admits failing to protect farm incomes – 26 May 2020

Vultures Are Taking Over Irish Housing – 18 June 2018

David Norris warns Seanad of vulture fund evictions – 29 June 2017

The State huffs and puffs to avoid investment going up in smoke – 16 Oct 2016

My hands are tied on housing crisis: Alan Kelly – 1 April 2016

Are you thinking something is not quite right?