What was Golfgate again?

Golf dinner attendees in hotel bar ‘until 2.30am’ – Waitress Sarah Griffiths told the trial in the afternoon that none of the guests attending the Oireachtas Golf Society dinner were wearing masks when they entered the function room that evening. – 7 Jan 2022

‘Drinking, chatting and singing’ after Golfgate, remembers barman – 7 Jan 2022

Golfgate trial to begin as four people in court over alleged role in organising Oireachtas event – 6 Jan 2022

  • Independent TD Noel Grealish and former Fianna Fail senator Donie Cassidy are among the four facing trial –
  • John Sweeney, owner of the Station House Hotel in Clifden, and his son James, the general manager of the hotel, will also appear before Galway District Court today. –
  • Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar, removed the party whip from senators Jerry Buttimer, Paddy Burke and John Cummins, all of whom were in attendance, “in recognition of the seriousness of this matter”.  And Taoiseach Micheál Martin also removed the Fianna Fáil whip from senators Paul Daly, Aidan Davitt and Niall Blaney.

More than 50 witnesses set to give evidence at Golfgate court hearing – 28 Oct 2021

Golfgate one year on: Bogie men, teed-off legal eagles and a few albatrosses around necks… – 23 Aug 2021

Four to be charged with breaching health regulations after Golfgate – 17 Feb 2021

Golfgate attendee Dara Calleary admits he made a ‘stupid mistake’ – 19 Feb 2021

Golfgate Garda investigation finished as file goes to DPP – 21 Jan 2021

Golfgate senators have all been welcomed back into Fine Gael fold – 12 Jan 2021

Golfgate: Fine Gael restores party whip to senators who attended – 12 Jan 2021

Phil Hogan insists resignation over Golfgate ‘disproportionate’ – 26 Dec 2020

Government will not support removal of Mr Justice Woulfe – (which totally compromises his position as he will be forever grateful to them all!) 18 Nov 2020

Fine Gael shaken by mounting nepotism allegations – 14 Nov 2020

The Irish Government earlier this week received legal advice after the Chief Justice said the judge should resign over his attendance at the controversial golf-gate dinner in Galway

Ireland’s Taoiseach Micheal Martin to brief party leaders on judge Seamus Woulfe controversy – 13 Nov 2020

Irish Parliament’s Cabinet Handbook stipulates that appointments to the judiciary, the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and other party leaders, as well as the Minister for Finance and the Attorney General, should be informed in advance of the proposals to make such appointments.

Taoiseach was not told of judges’ interest in Supreme Court role.  ‘The less political involvement the better’ in judicial appointments – Michael Martin – 13 Nov 2020

Barristers express mixed views about so-called Golfgate crisis – 10 Nov 2020

Seamus Woulfe refuses to resign from Supreme Court over Golfgate despite being asked to do so by fellow judges – 10 Nov 2020

Leo Varadkar rejects Phil Hogan’s claim that he received ‘full scale attack’ which led to resignation as EU Commissioner – 9 Sept 2020

Golfgate Scandal in Galway Hits the New Irish Government – 4 Sept 2020

Golf-gate attendees engaged in ‘collective crass stupidity or arrogant delusion’, Ceann Comhairle says as Dail resumes – 2 Sept 2020

Phil Hogan sensationally resigns, apologises to Irish people but insists he broke no laws – 27 Aug 2020

“Golfgate” rattles the COVID rule-flouting Irish government – 26 Aug 2020

Brave Bray woman blasts Phil Hogan after telling heartbreaking story of losing mother during COVID-19 pandemic – 26 Aug 2020

What is GolfGate and why is it causing Ireland problems? – 26 Aug 2020

Leo Varadkar asks Senator Paddy Burke to give up €9,500 Oireachtas gig for attending golf-gate dinner – 25 Aug 2020

‘Furious’ locals in lockdown Kildare brand actions of Phil Hogan and others at golf event ‘two fingers’ to ordinary people – 25 Aug 2020

Golf-gate: Phil Hogan publishes timeline of movements in Ireland in lead-up to Galway event – 25 Aug 2020

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