Rody Molloy

Rody Molloy is a career civil servant who was appointed as director general of FÁS eight years prior to his resignation.  Before this, he had served in a number of government departments including Industry and Commerce, Department of the Taoiseach and Foreign Affairs, gaining much of his FÁS management skills at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment where he received promotion to the level of assistant secretary.

Molloy is originally from Birr, County Offaly (Brian Cowen’s constituency) but resided in Maynooth, County Kildare at the break-out of the scandal.

Ex Fas chief gets €10,000 Revenue bill

Disgraced Fas chief’s (Rody Molloy) €1.4m hike in pension – Ministers Lenihan and Coughlan blame each other for cash boost – as a result of the intervention, Molloy now has a total pension worth more than €4m.  – 13 Sept 2009

Molloy to get €111,000 severance payment – on top of full pension benefits following his resignation last year. –  16 Jan 2009

Rody Molloy now a poster boy for ‘best practice’ – 13 Jan 2009

Golden handshake only for Molloy as 50 jobs go –

  • MORE than 50 FAS workers on salaries as low as €27,000 are set to lose their jobs as former director general Rody Molloy gets a €500,000 “golden handshake”. – 28 Nov 2008

Molloy attacked for snubbing committee after resignation – 28 Nov 2008

  • There were queries about the slow progress of the internal investigation into Mr Craig’s corporate affairs department, the fact that former director general Rody Molloy showed Craig a copy of the investigation report in advance, and the refusal of FAS to show how they disciplined Mr Craig.
  • FAS had known there were problems in its corporate affairs department since being forwarded an anonymous letter sent to then Enterprise and Employment Minister Mary Harney in 2004.
  • But the Public Accounts Committee members were curious about an exchange of letters between Mr Saul and members of the FAS executive about the conduct of internal audit. Mr Saul warned then-director general Mr Molloy that there had to be a “comprehensive and thorough investigation”.
  • Labour TD Roisin Shorthall said Mr Saul’s current claim that everything was sweetness and light did not tally with this correspondence.

Public outrage leads to ban on first-class travelFAS assistant director Christy Cooney said he had issued a directive to all staff yesterday commanding them to fly economy class. – 28 Nov 2008

  • He also told the Public Accounts committee that credit card limits had been reduced from €76,000 to €5,000 — following the revelation that FAS staff had used them to pay for luxury hotels, pay-per-view films and even “wash and blow drys” for Minister Mary Harney.
  • The committee heard that the FAS credit card of former director general Rody Molloy was cancelled yesterday.
  • Rody Molloy had spent €27,000 on it in 2005, €6,000 in 2006 and €118,000 in 2007, mainly to cover the cost of hotels and air flights while on official business.

Rody’s rationale: Molloy’s explanations for expenses during Pat Kenny interview – 25 Nov 2008

Ex-civil servant Eddie Sullivan appointed interim director

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