Greg Craig

Former FAS man in outsource proposal – 3 April 2013

Former FAS boss Craig gets settlement worth €175,000 – 11 Oct 2011

Court stops FAS from sacking Director of Health and Safety – He told Judge Gilligan in an affidavit that he had locked himself in his office on Monday, September 5, last to study an internal report by Ignatious Lynam when FAS’s assistant director Conor Dunne had pushed in the door and told him he was firing him with immediate effect. – 13 Sept 2011

High farce as missing€32,000 refund found – 28 Nov 2008

Christy Cooney faced the public accounts committee regarding €643,000 spent on foreign travel by FÁS executives as well as spending irregularities identified in FÁS’s €9m annual advertising budget

  • The executive, corporate affairs manager Greg Craig, had been disciplined by FAS after an internal audit revealed a series of spending irregularities in his department.
  • Greg went on sick leave last June, and he was officially suspended on full pay this week (28 Nov 2008) after further information of “concern” came to light.
  • But it is understood the decision to suspend him on full pay pending a further investigation was taken in the light of new information about the operation of the Science Programme in Florida.
  • Mr Craig’s name is inextricably linked with the events which led to the resignation of FAS director general Rody Molloy. For years he played a high-profile role as the agency’s director of corporate affairs.
  • As director of corporate affairs, Mr Craig had a budget of approximately €50m at his disposal for advertising and promotions from 2000 to 2004
  • During this time he was responsible for the establishment of a €1.7m Jobs Ireland website, at a time when FAS had its own jobs website. It had to be scrapped at a cost of €1m
  • He was also involved in procuring a contract with an advertising agency for the FAS Opportunities 2002 Fair at a cost of €250,000, at least twice as much as was paid previously, or since, for such work.

Former Fas chief Greg Craig in probe linked to Fianna Fail – Craig, who was exposed as the central figure in a series of financial irregularities in the state training agency, once ran for election for Fianna Fail and was a constituency assistant for the late Brian Lenihan Sr.

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