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Ex tycoon’s nurse fights on for millions – 13 Feb 2020

Providence Resources has today announced that its chief executive Tony O’Reilly has stepped down from the position and has resigned from the board with immediate effect. – 6 Dec 2019

Radio group owned by Denis O’Brien bans ‘Irish Times’ journalists – 5 Oct 2017

Collapse: the fall of Tony O’Reilly – 12 Sept 2015

How the richest man in Ireland lost it all: New look at the life of Tony O’Reilly – 3 Nov 2014

Tony O’Reilly, The Independent’s former owner, struggles to stave off bankruptcy – 2 July 2014 – The Guardian

Tony O’Reilly sells off INM shares five years after his departure as CEO – 5 May 2014

O’Brien changes the tune at Communicorp – 26 July 2013

A cruel end to the O’Reilly reign at INM – 23 April 2012

Sir Anthony O’Reilly Independent News & Media – 8 Feb 2004

The Tony O’Reilly controlled Columbia Investments purchases Independent Newspapers. – 1973

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