Troika – the systemic dismantling of Ireland’s Health System

The Irish Health System may not have been up to much prior to 2010 but who were the architects of an agreement that resulted in it’s utter destruction?  It would appear the orders came from “The Troika” and were carried out by they elected representatives of the Irish People…..


Brian Cowen TD & the Banks Bailout

Eamon Ryan TD & the Banks Bailout

Kevin Cardiff & the Banks Bailout

Micheal Martin – Bank Bailout – Decimation of Health Service

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How Ireland’s response to the pandemic is impacted by austerity era reductions – 5 March 2021

Over 53,000 patients went without beds in Irish hospitals in 2020, INMO says – 31 Dec 2020

Record 108,364 people stuck on a hospital trolley so far this year – 29 Nov 2019

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‘Doctors are leaving the country and patient safety is being compromised’ – 18 Sept 2014

“Overcrowded and understaffed”: Nurses hold protest at Galway hospital – 17 Sept 2014

‘It’s just not true’: Leo insists the government didn’t cook the books – 16 Sept 2014

Government “cooked the books” on Health budget — “They approved a budget knowing it was not sufficient to safeguard patient safety and that is absolutely appalling and unacceptable”. –  Micheal Martin – 15 Sept 2014

It’s Time To Stand Up To Troika Austerity (Part I) – 16 June 2014

HSE admits 54 child mental health vacancies are still not filled – This is despite the fact that investment was allocated for these jobs two years ago and demand is rising, with 2,943 children now waiting to see therapists. –  19 May 2014

INMO say proposals ‘seriously compromise patient safety’. ‘Scaremongering’ says James Reilly – 19 May 2014

Clinical Director quits at Beaumont Hospital over safety concerns – 18 May 2014

HSE made cuts of €2.7bn during recession – During austerity Government has quietly shifted the burden of paying for healthcare back onto the sick and the elderly. – 1 April 2014

Greece: austerity takes a heavy toll on public health – 21 Feb 2014

Mass rallies planned across country as new National Hospital Campaign gathers pace – 13 Jan 2014

Opposition parties slam government over ‘last-minute changes’ to HSE Service Plan – “The story says that the text of the plan was changed from “it will not be possible” to meet all of “the growing demands” placed on the health service next year to “it will be very challenging” to meet those demands.” – 22 Dec 2013

GPs warn of “chaos” in health system after HSE boss raises cuts concerns – 1 Dec 2013

HSE withdraws, then reinstates, medical card of 6-year-old with Down syndrome – 23 Oct 2013

Nursing union warns patient care will be “severely compromised” by Budget cuts –  21 Oct 2013

Troika issues critical report over lack of health reform – 11 Sept 2013

Troika unhappy at health budget overruns – 7 Nov 2013

Troika says further health cuts can be made without affecting patient services – Heads of four Dublin hospitals warn cuts are threatening safety of patients – The HSE is drawing up a service plan for 2014 which will set out in detail where cuts will be made to services  to meet a spending reduction target of at least €666 million, as flagged in the budget last month. – 6 Nov 2013

James Reilly should resign as Minister for Health – FF –  Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin said James Reilly’s policies will do “immense damage” to the health system. – 20 Oct 2013


Cuts force hospital to shut down major surgical wardThe Mater hospital in Dublin, which has a waiting list of 5,295 patients in need of surgery, has been forced to close its 32-bed surgical ward. – 5 Oct 2012

HSE’s €130m spending cut ‘will be vigorously opposed’ – Health service says cuts have to be made before the end of this year if it is to meet budget targets set down by the government and Troika. – 30 Aug 2012

HSE announces €130 million in cost-saving measures to meet Troika targets – The agency conceded that it is inevitable that the measures will have some impact on frontline service delivery – 30 Aug 2012

Outrage at staff cuts and bed closures across Louth and Meath hospitals – Some of the cuts will be implemented on Saturday even though a clinical risk assessment has yet to be completed. –  28 Aug 2012

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