Kevin Cardiff & the Banks Bailout

Kevin Cardiff, – Secretary General in the Department of Finance during Anglo Banks and Bailout Scandal.

Banks Bailout –  Anglo Irish Banks

Brian Cowen TD & the Banks Bailout

Eamon Ryan TD & the Banks Bailout

IBRC – Formerly Anglo Irish Banks

Troika – the systemic dismantling of Ireland’s Health System

There is no accountability in the top echelons of the Irish Civil Service.  If they screw up, do a bad job or have no idea what is going on – they are not fired or demoted – they move either sideways or upwards – and sometimes they get shipped out but still upwards.

Kevin Cardiff appointed a director of KBC Bank Ireland – 12 Sept 2018

Irish banking crisis inquiry: Ireland was ‘pushed’ into bailout – Kevin Cardiff –  18 June 2015

Report of the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis – Kevin Cardiff – 18 June 2015

‘A very serious matter’: Who leaked this man’s 380-page statement? – 15 June 2015

Why was this man left outside the room on the night of the guarantee? – 9 June 2015

Aaron McKenna: Why are we still rewarding failure and sparing punishment in the public sector? – 2 Aug 2014

Finance chief gets seat on board of major EU investor – 17 June 2013

Auditors of which Kevin Cardiff is a member, report €5 billion ‘material errors’ in EU accounts –  6 Nov 2012

Report on €3.6 billion accounting error may be published next week – 14 May 2012

€85k spent on hiring internal candidate to succeed Cardiff is ‘best practice’ – 12 March 2012

Kevin Cardiff’s Department of Finance successor named – 6 March 2012

Kevin Cardiff takes up Court of Auditors post today – Former Dept of Finance official’s new role carries a renewable term of six years and a basic salary of €229,000 – 1 March 2012

Why you should take anything that comes out of Ireland’s Department of Finance with a pinch of salt. – 1 March 2012

External review of €3.6bn accounting error “under way” – Noonan – 23 Feb 2012

Remember Kevin Cardiff and the €3.6bn error in the national debt? – 23 Jan 2012

MEPs approve Kevin Cardiff’s nomination to Court of Auditors – The 10 MEPs from the European People’s Party – the largest grouping in the parliament, of which Fine Gael is a member – had voted against backing Cardiff amid concerns that he could be asked to audit European bailout spending in Ireland after playing a major role in securing the EU-IMF deal. – 13 Dec 2011

Pity Kevin Cardiff – he never signed up for public scrutiny – 24 Nov 2011

Irish MEPs divided on Kevin Cardiff’s rejection by EU committee – 24 Nov 2011

Gilmore: Kevin Cardiff ‘remains the government nominee’ for EU job – Mary Lou McGuinness called on the government to withdraw the nomination – which she said would allow Cardiff to return to Ireland to be held accountable for his role in the 2008 events. –  24 Nov 2011

In numbers: why you’d want to be on the EU Court of Auditors – 24 Nov 2011

Irish rep on Court of Auditors: I emailed MEPs to lobby against Cardiff – 24 Nov 2011

Cardiff could go back to old job – but has one day to apply – 23 Nov 2011

Kevin Cardiff still in with chance of EU job: De Rossa – 23 Nov 2011

Irish official Kevin Cardiff fails interview for plum EU job – 2011

Government won’t intervene over Kevin Cardiff appointment to top EU job – 9 Nov 2011

EU official hits out at Kevin Cardiff over €3.6bn accounting blunder – MEP Marta Andreasen has said the outgoing Finance head is not suitable for a position on the European Court of Auditors. – She said even if Cardiff was not ultimately responsible for the error – in which the €3.6billion was counted twice – it should put him beyond consideration. – 7 Nov 2011

Kevin Cardiff – an unlikeable Forrest Gump? – 6 Nov 2011

Eoghan Murphy TD – What The Finance? Heads should roll over €3.6bn gaffe – 5 Nov 2011

Department of Finance was told about the €3.6bn mistake last year – but did nothing – 2 Nov 2011

Kevin Cardiff: full member of the Board of Directors for Ireland – 8 Feb 2007

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