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The 1% is ripping off the 99%

  • Our Irish and global society is a mafia of politicians, pharmaceutical companies, civil servants, professionals, court systems, judges, lawyers, barristers, gardai, corporations, banker, big business, corporations, media whose only aim is to keep coming up with new ways to have us generate money for them, while only allowing us to receive a livable allowance.

Question:  How do these government corruptions affect you?

Answer:  You pay for it all – one way or another YOU pay!

Ireland goes from corruption scandal to corruption scandal.

Tribunals and investigations take so many YEARS that we lose interest – is that the intention?

We lose track of who did what.  We have become immune and accept that nobody ever pays.  What the older generation forgets and the younger generations  probably never realized is

  • We (the 99% majority of ordinary people) pay for everything in this world – EVERYTHING.  We generate the money. Money always goes up the pyramid – rarely down in any meaningful, concrete or practical way.
  • The big money circulates around the top third of the pyramid
  • When it comes to scandals, tribunals, investigations and compensations, we pay for the court costs.  We pay for the compensation if there is any, in most cases – because in most cases – nothing happens, the guilt don’t pay if they are white collared and in the 1%
  • In Ireland, with every passing year the number of regulations imposed, the costs imposed make it less and less possible for anyone from the bottom of the pyramid to start a business and progress beyond a certain level of success, if they even manage to stay in business.
  • They live the high life and they con us via numerous gurus to believe that if we just work a little harder or a little smarter we too can climb the ladder.  The reality is that few do it honestly.
  • They live the high life AT OUR EXPENSE.
  • They abuse us – best example – see the scandal about the horse meat, that meat and the rotten meat – was mixed with was intended for you and me to eat.  The 1% are not eating burgers!
  • At this stage – they laugh at us because we are asleep.

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MISC LATEST NEWS: This is where I keep the bits and bobs that may not have blown up yet – if ever.  I have more tidying up to do here.

Paedophiles can’t be named in Court “to protect the child”  what a load of bollocks.  Now certain people can’t be named either above a certain line – why not?  If it was any one of us ordinary folk our names would be all over the media!  Corrupt protecting the corrupt!  – Senior figure in Dublin accountancy firm suspected of €1m-plus fraud – 16 March 2021

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Amnesty: 17,000 illegal immigrants to be given residency in Ireland – Our own Irish people are having homes and farms sold out from under them – they are homeless or in hostels from which they have to go out in the morning and leave for a new one every few days.  Yet we are going to give residency to 17,000 people from where?  And they are in 4 star hotels until they get permanent housing?  Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  – What is the mad rush to replace Irish people with foreigners?  What countries are they running from?  But they are not running are they?  They are being ferried in by plane and boat, picked up in buses and taken to their free 4 star hotels.  – 7 Dec 2020

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