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It’s alleged by Barry Cowen that we ‘accosted’ him & that he was ‘polite’ when we first met. He accused us of leaving out the start of the encounter so to dramatise events and make him look bad. – 12 Dec 2021

Retired senior army officer, Jim Miller, talks about the long term plan to destroy the economy and enslave humanity – 1 Dec 2021

Iconoclast One to One Melissa Cuimmei – 23 Nov 2021

Independant Investor Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of a social credit system.

Passports – 6 Oct 2021

Independant Investor Melissa Cuimmei explains the real reason for the digital passports.

Questioning the V – 6 Oct 2021

Irish GP Dr Vincent Carroll questions the validity and effectiveness of the injections.


– Antibodies are stronger than the vaccine
– Pfizer is an evil corporation
– Pfizer is run on COVID money now
– Pfizer employees can’t say this publicly

But don’t take my word for it. Take 3 Pfizer scientists.


The Iconoclast Roundtable 3 – 1 Oct 2021

This hour long discussion shines new light on the political and medical decisions that have been taken over the past 18 months and calls into the question the real motivation behind lockdowns, mask mandates and the rollout of the vaccination program…

The Doctor Who Paid the Price – 3 Sept 2021

Limerick GP Dr Pat Morrissey spoke out against the Irish Government’s draconian Covid 19 measures and paid the price.

Iconoclast One to One: Eddie Hobbs – 3 Sept 2021

A conversation with Financial Author Eddie Hobbs about the coming financial crisis and Government propaganda via the fourth estate.


The Doctors are Speaking Out! – 3 Sept 2021

The most prominent and respected doctors in Ireland speak out about the dangers of injecting children with the Covid 19 vaccine.
Prod: Tracey O’Mahony and RylandMedia.

Funeral director speaks out, Campaign to unmask children, and Businesses that don’t discriminate – 1 Sept 2021

The Iconoclast Roundtable 2 – 18 Aug 2021

A Wake Up call to parents and Teachers – 27 June 2021

A Message to Parents – 25 June 2021



Katie MacGrath calls out the media, the Government and NPHET! – 6 June 2021

Special Report: Undercover with the Gardai at Grafton Street – 6 March 2021

Centre Ground Ep.20 – The hidden giveaway of our remaining state assets – 3 March 2021

VOICES: Barrister Una McGurk – 24 Feb 2021

The Healthy Debate : Prof Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, Lindie Naughton 17 Feb 2021

Barrister Martin Byrne CENSORSHIP – 11 Feb 2021

VOICES: Anne McCloskey GP – 31 Jan 2021

The Irish Inquiry – George Hook and Graham Neary – 10 Nov 2020

Counter View Ep.5 – Mandatory masks on public transport. What’s next? – 18 Oct 2020

Centre Ground Ep.2 – Entertainment Industry – 18 Oct 2020

Counter View Ep.4 – Protecting Ourselves in the Pandemic – Who to Trust? – 18 Oct 2020

Counter View Ep.2 – Is The Lockdown Justified? – 20 May 2020

Counter View Ep.1 – Are You Ready For The New Normal? – 10 May 2020


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