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An Adventure Home – 22 March 2021

It’s been a few weeks since I witnessed the Aer Lingus staff in Amsterdam stampede over our basic human rights to travel like a bunch of baby elephants with chili in their trunks. They would not let me on the plane without a PCR test and they were oh so stubborn about it. What happens when an unstoppable force meets and unmovable  read more

Comedian Aidan Killian stranded abroad speaking with Prof. Dolores Cahill – 4 March 2021

Do we still have the Right to Travel?

Flying home today without a PCR test.

I have booked a flight from Amsterdam to Dublin and they want me to 1) wear a mask 2) get a PCR test, and 3) fill in a locator form. I don’t wear masks, I don’t want anyone sticking anything inside me and I certainly don’t want anyone who wants my nose to be penetrated to know where… continue reading

Comedy is dead and I am not a comedian anymore.

Covid killed the comedy star! Well, to be more accurate, covid regulations did, covid just gave him a little flu… continue reading

There is a beauty in rejection that I am starting to appreciate. When you tell me to ’fuck off, it is as if a choir of angels is caressing the feet of my ..continue reading

Covid Stockholm syndrome

People are suffering from a psychological trauma caused by covid regulations where they embrace their loss of liberties as part… continue reading


I flew home for Christmas because I wanted to see my granny, who has lived in a home since regulations kicked off. Before the hysteria, her brain was significantly better than your average Joe, but sadly the isolation has caused a mental and physical deterioration. For my gran, and grannies all …  full text


A barman asked me to wear a mask… Aidan Killian

After the first lockdown in Ireland, the new regulations ‘allowed’ bars with a food license to re-open because apparently, you can’t catch Covid if you eat a ‘substantial meal’ with your pints (and stay less than 90 minutes). I walked into a restaurant/bar and I stood at the counter waiting …continue reading

Are you thinking something is not quite right?