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This page started with such promise.  Sadly, with the passing of time many people have shown themselves to be merely frustrated talkers with no logical or concrete ideas on how to organise the majority who are looking for leadership in rebellion.

Germaphobic Ireland (Re-Upload) – 29 Aug 2021

Aidan Killian – Comedian & Storyteller

Anne McCloskey (Doctor)

Corruption Awareness Ireland on Facebook

Dave Cullen (Computing Forever- Videos)

Diarmaid O’Cadhla

Free Press – Investigative Media

George Hook (TV/Radio)

Gerard Waters, (Doctor)

Graham Neary – Investment Manager

Informed Consent – Irish Media

Irish Inquiry (news/media)

Ivor Cummins  BE(Chem) CEng MIEI PMP 

Marcus de Brun (Doctor)

Martin Feeley (Surgeon)

Pat Morrissey (Doctor)

Satirical Soldier – Cpl Mick Connell

Tracey O’Mahony (Barrister at Law),

Una McGurk (Barrister at Law)


First face mask discrimination case in the UK nets £7,000


Stephen T Manning

From their website – Integrity Ireland

In mid-2012, seven concerned citizens met to discuss their experiences. Each had, in one way or another, tried to bring a complaint to various Irish authorities – about the improper or illegal activities of other authority figures or, of certain ‘well-connected persons’ in Irish society.

The responses they received were shocking – by any standards. Not only were the complaints not properly addressed, but each of these otherwise law-abiding citizens suddenly found themselves the target of unjust, prejudicial and intimidatory tactics by the very authorities they had approached for help and assistance.

Some were ignored or obstructed. Others were harassed and threatened. Some were arrested without proper cause, and others, trying to seek assistance from their elected representatives or statutory oversight bodies were likewise treated with contempt. For some, this abuse spans many years.

Finally, seeking redress through the Courts, they found themselves subject to unbelievably prejudicial and unjust decisions – despite overwhelming evidence in their favour. Shocked, appalled and disillusioned at the manner in which individual citizens could be targeted and abused in this way by highly-paid authority figures, a collective decision was made to take a stand.

Viruses Victims & Villains – Nov 2020


The Life Institute

From their website Life Institute

The Life Institute promotes the sanctity of human life and works to protect the family. We provide world-class information and educational materials, and undertake progressive pro-life and pro-family campaigns.

Science and technology have proved beyond all doubt the humanity of the unborn child and the need to support families. The Life Institute’s research and reports share these scientific breakthroughs with the public, in accessible and attractive formats and mediums. We aim to make the public more informed, more aware and more involved in the work necessary to build a Culture of Life.

We are unequivocally, uncompromisingly pro-life, and we work to protect human life from conception until natural death.

The Life Institute is not affiliated to any political party or movement, and campaigns on right to life and family issues only.

Late term abortion in Ireland

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