IRELAND’s 2020 Fight for Freedom & Independence

Our Irish Freedom Fighters 2020 but can they clean out the Irish Swamp?this page is still being updated.

Ben Gilroy – facebook link

Hopefully Ben will be successful in fighting his own court battle against the criminals.  Either way we will hear the full story at some stage

Irish courts are participating in ‘DECEPTION’ by refusing to acknowledge that it is a DWELLING (Which has constitutional protection) not PREMISES….

Ben has a few causes on the go and is well worth following – a warrior.

Ben has a great video on facebook titled “cut 3 of 13”  I highly recommend you watch it – and Ben.  I also recommend  a look at this one

‘Horror’ stories of farmers hearing from neighbours their farm is for sale on the internet – 5 Dec 2020

Will the Real Simon Coveney Please Stand Up – 27 Jan 2020

Sheriff Evicts 80 Year Old Then Gets Evicted Himself by People For Economic Justice! – 27 Aug 2019



From their website ICHR

We aim to:
  • Defend and promote human rights and civil liberties in Ireland
  • Inform public opinion on the matter of human rights and civil liberties
  • Monitor the situation of human rights and civil liberties in Ireland
  • Carry out research on issues impacting on civil liberties and human rights
  • Influence decision-making in areas of human rights and civil liberties and
  • Initiate legal action as necessary to protect and vindicate human rights and civil liberties
Go Fund Me Update: The Legal Challenge – 5 Dec 2020

TRACEY O’MAHONY  – Barrister at Law, Galway, Ireland – on facebook

First face mask discrimination case nets £7,000



From their website – Integrity Ireland

In mid-2012, seven concerned citizens met to discuss their experiences. Each had, in one way or another, tried to bring a complaint to various Irish authorities – about the improper or illegal activities of other authority figures or, of certain ‘well-connected persons’ in Irish society.

The responses they received were shocking – by any standards. Not only were the complaints not properly addressed, but each of these otherwise law-abiding citizens suddenly found themselves the target of unjust, prejudicial and intimidatory tactics by the very authorities they had approached for help and assistance.

Some were ignored or obstructed. Others were harassed and threatened. Some were arrested without proper cause, and others, trying to seek assistance from their elected representatives or statutory oversight bodies were likewise treated with contempt. For some, this abuse spans many years.

Finally, seeking redress through the Courts, they found themselves subject to unbelievably prejudicial and unjust decisions – despite overwhelming evidence in their favour. Shocked, appalled and disillusioned at the manner in which individual citizens could be targeted and abused in this way by highly-paid authority figures, a collective decision was made to take a stand.

Viruses Victims & Villains – Nov 2020


Anti Corruption Ireland – A Movement to be Reckoned With

From their website Gemma O’Doherty.


Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters at the courts in Dublin 20 Jan 2021.  Our courts are supposed to be open but obviously not today.


The Life Institute

From their website Life Institute

The Life Institute promotes the sanctity of human life and works to protect the family. We provide world-class information and educational materials, and undertake progressive pro-life and pro-family campaigns.

Science and technology have proved beyond all doubt the humanity of the unborn child and the need to support families. The Life Institute’s research and reports share these scientific breakthroughs with the public, in accessible and attractive formats and mediums. We aim to make the public more informed, more aware and more involved in the work necessary to build a Culture of Life.

We are unequivocally, uncompromisingly pro-life, and we work to protect human life from conception until natural death.

The Life Institute is not affiliated to any political party or movement, and campaigns on right to life and family issues only.

Late term abortion in Ireland