Ireland – Alcohol Problem – Only for the Working Class

With every passing year and successive governments Ireland’s 99% silently groans under the yoke of it’s governing bodies.  Ireland’s scourge is the virus that appears to infect people once they enter the halls of Leinster House –  as well as high places in government depts.

This virus affects their brains, giving them the conviction they AND ONLY THEY know what is best for the 99%.

Furthermore it gives them a firm conviction the 99% are intellectually disabled, unable to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad and incapable of making the “right” decisions about ANYTHING.  Therefore Leinster House must make LAWS and enforce them.

Case in Point: Only the less well off can have alcohol related problems therefore the way to solve this “problem” is to put it out of their reach – price it out of their reach.  Never mind addressing the economic and social problems bringing about these problems in the first place.  Many of our rules, regulations and laws are the root of most of Ireland’s problems.

The history of Ireland’s Elite efforts to stop the Lower Classes from drinking alcohol

Tony Holohan, Stephen Donnelly and Leo Varadkar are “playing a blinder” here.  By allowing the retailers to keep the extra profit they have ensured quick and quiet compliance.  But if the retailers think this will continue – ….. think again.

This latest act of cruelty is not going to have any effect on reducing consumption of alcohol among those addicted.  What is it going to do is inflict further hardship on the low income households who have one or more family member addicted.  When you are an addict YOU HAVE TO GET THAT DRINK AT ANY COST.

If anyone pushing this really wanted to HELP people they would look at the misery of homelessness, poverty, lockdowns, covid measures and stress affecting so much of the population today and do something about that.  Further proof that the “ruling class” know nothing about life outside their mansions while they luxuriate in their untouchable salaries, jobs, positions and golden handshakes.

Bottom line – and I am not a drinker – at the end of the day – the misery filled day of struggle put down by many,  a drink helps.  And yes, I can understand how someone would want to drink themselves into oblivion – anything to escape the pain of life for a few hours.