Anna Brees – UK Journalist


CSA/CMS – An Introduction to a story the MSM Old Media won’t report on – 15th Feb 2021

Solicitor Daniel Millican – “No one in the media wants to know about the CSA/CMS issues.” – 15 Feb 2021

Brian Hudson – Successful businessman now on benefits and facing bankruptcy because of the CMS/CSA – 15 Feb 2021

Craig Bulman – The CSA/CMS destroyed my life but now I want to help others – 15th Feb 2021

Ian Briggs “I lost my son to suicide because of the CMS/CSA” – 15th Feb 2021

Former BBC Presenter Sue Cook on switching off the BBC News – 7 October 2020

Billboard Advertising & The Great Reset – World Economic Forum – 7th Oct 2020

MP Chris Green, The First UK politician to resign from government over the crisis – 16th Oct 2020

Lockdowns don’t work – Former Head of Diseases Public Health Wales Dr Roland Salmon – 9th Nov 2020

Barrister Francis Hoar: The Judicial Review and the Legality of Lockdown – 12th Oct 2020

Anna Brees – “I want to know who is controlling what Boris says…it’s starting to look sinister” – 26 Sept 2021



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