HSE (Health Services Executive) Ireland

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Ireland has a MASSIVE problem and that problem is based on the ladder of authority, responsibility and expert advice as follows:

  • The Irish government signed legislation giving control of country to the Minister for Health – Stephen Donnelly – without an end date
  • The Irish government  – Stephen Donnelly  (on the face of it) act based on the advice of NPHET
  • NPHET constantly, CONSTANTLY quotes the advice of a body of experts in a group called ISAG (Independent Scientific Advocacy Group)
  • State Media (RTE) and all mainstream media brainwash the public 24/7/365 quoting the experts of the ISAG.
  • The ISAG has now been totally exposed as not actually being scientific at all but rather a group of thugs whose internally stated aim is to terrorise the people of Ireland into extended lockdown.
  • Because of their previous backing of, alliance to and quoting of the discredited ISAG, – NOW the gvt, NPHET, RTE and mainstream media find themselves on the edge of cliff.  How can the report on or take any action against the expert ISAG?  Without looking stupid?  They can’t, they aren’t and they won’t.
  • So the ISAG, RTE, Irish gvt, NPHET and mainstream media are keeping quiet and desperately hoping you don’t find out about it and the expose will die a death.
  • That is a problem –
  • The question is – are you going to educate yourself now?  Are the remaining, naive and masked people of Ireland going to wake up and realise “we’ve been played!”  That is the question.



Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t but it seems a bit convenient.  Covid has run it’s media course – Fauci is going down, will he take the whole covid story with him?  Seems like it because the US media have more or less stopped talking about it and everywhere is opening up.  Many US States are passing ANTI- Health Passport Laws and the Arizona election re-count is opening up a huge can of worms.  So, the is cyber attack – who would be bothered with Ireland out in the arse-end of nowhere?  However, a cyber attack now is giving the Dept of Health several opportunities – destroy evidence, keep the public health access shutdown (not the private) and apparently preventing any public announcements from the dept of health……bear in mind the gvt were put on notice two weeks ago that after 15 May they would be prosecuted in the international courts for malfeseance if they continue the lockdown and misinformation.  Another thing – the gvt are worried about patient data being stolen – but sure they have been selling our data to China – so?  What is the difference?  Just seems like a lot of things coming together.  Co-incidence? Who knows?

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