How Do I Handle the Fear that I’m Feeling? Eckhart Tolle

Have you ever had an experience where it was like you were “out of body”, separate from your body and calmly standing back, watching yourself do something?  Yes, I know, sounds nutty but actually I think that is what awareness is.  Eckhart speaks about it really well in this new video.  I’ve experienced it in a few dramatic situations but these days it’s more constant for me.

So, there I am, spending 6, 8, maybe 12 hours watching “Magnificient Century Kossem” on YouTube (yes, stopping to eat and go to the toilet just about!).  Meanwhile, I am aware there is another part of me, watching – not judging, but that part of me is aware that what I am not doing is not good for me.  OK we are in isolation, more or less, I don’t have any work to do for my business – it’s closed.  Nevertheless, my current addiction to this series is not good for me.   More about it in my post “How Good is Your Focus?”

This morning, my meditation was a waste of time.  In fact I didn’t even finish it.  What was going through my head?  Yes, the story line from the TV series and it was CALLING OUT TO ME!!  Like a drug!

I’m putting in his video for other reasons.  He gives a great description about how we don’t think thoughts…yes, we don’t think thoughts, they are just like radio waves passing through or (if we are giving them enough attention) going round and round inside our heads.  Mostly useless thoughts, of no value to us because much of what we think about is not actually happening now, we are just imagining it.

Finally, we can’t fight the thoughts, we have to replace them, but sometimes finding a better thought can be difficult.  However, here he shows us how concentrating on the feeling inside our hands can stop the thoughts.  Go on – have a listen, hope it helps.

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